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A compilation of random memes and images.

A Merry Band Of Motley Memes

Have you ever heard the theory that the United States is like a melting pot, with various cultures coming together and amalgamating into one uniquely American culture? Despite that talking point's prominence, America as a melting pot is quite a misnomer because cultures don't just bleed into each other. Cultural practices don't become an indistinguishable goo similar to that of cheese fondue just because they exist in close proximity to each other. Instead of the melting pot theory, other socio…
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A list of memes about programming and coding.

Programming Memes For Python And Java Fiends

Having a knack for computers is one of the most valuable skills someone can possess. Many people want to be programmers , but only a tiny elite group can actually pull it off successfully. A lot of wannabees think that since they changed their Tumblr theme with HTML in 2012 they can do this extremely difficult job. Coding takes hundreds of hours of your life but when a project is finally complete, it's the greatest feeling in the world. Programmers and coders are also well known for being able…
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50 Funny Memes & Tweets To Spice Up The Day

It's meme time
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Sisters get backlash for filming TikTok rick and morty dance, viral, mom's death, mom's funeral, mother's funeral, yikes, cringe, dancing, tiktok dances

Sisters Do 'Rick and Morty' TikTok Dance At Mother's Funeral, Ignite Criticism

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They Actually Got Christopher Lloyd to Play Rick Sanchez in Live-Action 'Rick & Morty' Promo

'Rick & Morty' comes full circle
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rick and morty, rick and morty season 5 premiere, youtube, adult swim, funny, comedy, sitcom, animation

Adult Swim Put the Full Season 5 Premiere of 'Rick and Morty' on YouTube

For free!
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Funny random memes, dank memes, relatable memes, stupid memes

A Collection of Memes Filled With Relatable Stupidity

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Funny trailer for Season 5 of Rick And Morty on Cartoon Network, pickle rick, adult swim

Rick And Morty Season 5 Trailer Hypes Fans Up For A June Release

Get schwifty
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funny tweets, twitter thread, exquisite corpse, comedy, funny, twitter memes, gold replies, rick and morty, jokes, twitter

That One Time People Transformed Twitter Into An Exquisite Corpse Of Comedy

Absolutely legendary
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Funny anxiety meme about stressing over birth certificate at 3am, overthinking
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Funny Star Wars prequel meme featuring Padme telling Anakin, "Obi-Wan was right, you've turned...yourself into a pickle. Funniest shit I've ever seen"
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Why Is This So Accurate

Funny meme that reads, "Elon Musk and Grimes are just Kardashians for Rick and Morty fans" above a still of a comedian saying, "Never before have I been so offended by something I one hundred percent agree with"
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Very Realistic

Funny dank meme that reads, "Hackers in movies after slapping their keyboards for 3.7 seconds" above a still of Rick and Morty where Morty says, "I'm in"
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Funny random memes, quarantine memes, rick and morty memes | start caring so gotta remind yourself be cold and distant so don't get hurt | chosen as tribute go buy groceries during quarantine. Katniss The Hunger Games

Random & Relatable Memes For A Lil Pick-Me-Up

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Funny random memes, relatable memes, dank memes, stupid memes, funny memes, spongebob memes, dank memes | Flies entering my house: Flies trying leave my house: Mr. Krabs Front door is missing! SWAT team Spongebob | Cats are not as loyal as dogs but at least don't tell police where drugs are

50 Quality Memes To Improve Your Mood

A smorgasbord of comedy.
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Funny random memes | avatar the last airbender drunk grandpa is trying loudly guess who's gay family about bet like meat. | rick and morty she says she's out with girls, but her girls are with .

Friday Memes To Help You Decompress

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