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People Who Dated Rich Explain the Eye-opening Things They Learned

How the 1% lives
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Funny memes and tweets about Elon Musk, Space X, Tesla | elon musk with a handful of uno cards: Be normal boring billionaire OR draw 25 UNO. baby yoda: im cutest thing ever baby cybertruck: lego piece on wheels

Memes About Elon Musk, the Internet's Favorite Cringey Billionaire

You guys remember 'RIP Harambe?' We're trying to forget it.
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A Pile of Money Memes for Those Crying into Their Overdraft

A rich man's world
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Deranged, Barbie-Obsessed Woman Lives in Life Size, Ridiculous, Pink Fantasy Mansion With a Pink Car, Tiny Dog, and 100 Pairs of Pink Sunglasses

Pretty in pink? More like pretty insane.
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Hamptons Private Chef Sparks Debate After Showing Off Her 17-Hour Workday

Is it worth it?
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Funny tweets about Anna Wintour's $77 lunch

Anna Wintour's $77 Go-To Lunch Is Getting Roasted and Ridiculed

Anna Wintour, Vogue's longtime editor-in-chief, isn't the most beloved media personality. The 72 year old (along with her signature bob) has mostly made a name for herself as alleged inspiration of The Devil Wears Prada - an uptight woman, with serious demands. Her steely countenance isn't a surprise to many plebs. People with lots of money often lack the ability to connect, which is why Anna Wintour 's biography (written by Amy Odell) is at the very bottom of our reading list. This placement w…
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Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Users Explosively React

The end of an era?
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Funny reactions to the gift bag at the 2022 oscars, celebrities, rich people, money, lol, wtf, finances, privelege

Want to Feel Poor? Check Out This Years' Oscars Nominees' Gift Bags

Yet another reminder that we are chopped liver.
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People Angry at Kim Kardashian, Variety magazine, women need to work harder, work ethic, roasted, angry

Kim Kardashian Blasted For Telling Women to Work

Breaking: Another rich person has made an absolute fool of themselves by telling people they need to work harder. And we doubt anyone is surprised to hear that this time it's Kim Kardashian. “I have the best advice for women in business,” Kim Kardashian says. “Get your f--king ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” — Variety (@Variety) March 9, 2022 The 41 year old billionaire is under fire on Twitter for a tone deaf c…
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Annoying tiktoker brags about spending two thousand dollars on expensive bottled water (voss) people toast him on twitter

Demented Dude Ridiculed For Spending 2k a Month on Bottled Water

There's something palpably disgusting yet utterly riveting about watching rich, privileged people talking about their “everyday” lives. With the advent of social media, the regular old plebs of the world now have the opportunity to really see how the other half lives. Social media is a lot more revealing than shots from a rabid paparazzo, despite the fact that they can reveal a carefully curated view of the subject's existence. That colorful and impeccably composed acai bowl sitting atop an inf…
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People Roast 'Self-Made' Millionaires Who Got Their Success Through Nepotism

All you need is ambition, work ethic...and rich parents
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Woman Trolled For Revealing She Has A Microchip Implanted To Unlock Her House

Is this Black Mirror?
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Woman Excluded From Christmas With In-Laws, Still Expected to Pack Husband's Luggage

The only bags she should pack are her own
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Funny memes and tweets about rich people and peloton bikes

Salty Twitter Thread Roasts Rich People & Their Bougie Peloton Bikes

As far as savagely mocking the rich goes, we have found a new hero. Twitter user @ClueHeywood went all-in a while back on Peloton bikes, their absurd advertising, and the people who actually own said bougie bikes. The indoor exercise bicycles cost about $2,000 - a pretty penny, making it low-hanging fruit while roasting the 1%. While the company has had some PR issues, they still seem to be going pretty strong with the people who can afford the equipment and their programs . It's safe to say we…
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50 of the Funniest Memes & Roasts About the Met Gala's Oddest Looks

Last night, the lavish and decadent 2021 Met Gala broke the internet for the first time since 2019 , due to Covid-related cancellations and postponements. Perhaps starved for some new memetic excitement, Twitter was on fire with the memes last night. Even a snowclone meme emerged as the event was still taking place. Twitter users posted absurdist images of various characters edited onto the red carpet, captioned, '[name] has arrived at the Met Gala.' Throwbacks to past Met Gala memes were repos…
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Billionaire Bezos Launches Himself Into Space, Gets Dragged & Roasted Online

Cool spacesuit Bezos, now pay your taxes.
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