That Sign's a Poet

sign rhyme - 8299846912
Created by Unknown

Sad Truths

rhyme glue horses funny - 7973069568
Created by Unknown

None Were Given

rhyme Spider-Man dr seuss - 7147831296
Created by treestar88

Keeping Up With Protocol

experience rhyme gonna have a bad time - 7114407168
See all captions Created by Unknown

My Lonely Angel

rhyme feels tardis doctor who - 7017066752
Created by shadic74 ( Via transcendantalismsm )

Does That Mean I Can Come With You?

rhyme scifi doctor who bbc - 6770499328
Created by Lucky810

Stahp it, Pleated Jeans! You're Hurting His Feelings!

teasing rhyme literalism double meaning - 6772593408
Via Pleated Jeans

One Light to Total Them All

rhyme tumblr - 6763943424
Created by Unknown

Art of Trolling: Rhyme That, Taylor!

facebook Music orange rhyme taylor swift - 6614097920
Created by Unknown

Willow Smith and the Sorcerer's Stone

gifs Hall of Fame Harry Potter rhyme rhyming similar sounding stairs - 6378828544
Via Julia Segal

The Least Clever Post in So Much Pun History

Bach lmfao rhyme rhymes rhyming terrible - 6243322112
Created by bowtiesrcool

She's Off to the Races

Hall of Fame hat literalism rhyme rhyming similar sounding - 6206084096
Via Mamrie


bacon hilarious rhyme - 6077514752
Created by meganeguard

So This Probably Should Have Been Posted Last Wednesday, But Whatever

muppet muppets onomatopoeia rhyme rhyming sound effect - 5909134848
Created by Fancydancer

I'd Watch This Movie, Volume XXV

disney literalism pixar rhyme rhyming thug life - 5916782592
Via Reddit

Not if the Midi-Chlorians Have Any Say in the Matter

Hall of Fame idiom rhyme rhyming similar sounding star wars - 5911474176
Created by Unknown
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