A list of funny reviews from the film reviewing site, Letterboxd.

Crazy Letterboxd Reviews For Film Kids

Anybody can be Roger Ebert these days, and it's all because of a little app called Letterboxd. Letterboxd allows movie fans to leave their own reviews without any gatekeeping. These reviews range from extensive, lengthy analyses to short quips. The app has gained massive popularity over the past couple of years, and with that, funny reviews have transcended into memes. The most iconic Letterboxd review that has turned into a meme was a review for Joker (2019), where the reviewer claimed, “This…
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Company Gets Roasted For Glassdoor Rating After Boasting About Giving Employees Free Beer

No holds barred
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Traumatizing Takeout Reviews That Will Curb All Junk Food Cravings

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Google Search Mishap Uncovers Phenomenon Of People Accidentally Turning Their Homes Into Businesses

Five star reviews all round.
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Weird Movie Reviews That Are As Amusing As They Are Worrisome

Everyone's a critic.
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Grinch-For-Hire Entertains Internet After Wreaking Havoc On Woman’s Home

Pure chaos.
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15+ Funny Google Reviews That Champion The Angry, Entitled, And Confused

Five stars
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15+ Steam Reviews From Entertainingly Troubled Gamers

Thumbs up
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Woman who is a dietician writes a long and creative review of Brach's Turkey dinner candy corn, gross, gross food, bad food, lol, thanksgiving dinner, green beans, stuffing, coffee, turkey

Brave Dietician Reviews Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy

Some things shouldn't exist. And we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Brach's ‘Turkey Dinner' candy corn bags fall into that category. As a passionate hater of all things candy corn, this confection's existence shakes me to my core. And yet, it piqued my curiosity in a different way than Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans. Jelly Belly's take on a Harry Potter creation consists of their classically delicious flavors mixed in with some seriously heinous flavor profiles like vomit, earwax,…
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15+ Musicboard Reviews That Confirm Music Nerds Are Weirdos

It’s pretty difficult to find many individuals out there who have a serious aversion to music . There’s nothing like the unifying power of song to bring us all together, unless we start arguing about music taste — in which case, we will never hear the end of which genre is better and why. It’s a golden rule that the deeper you get into having music as an interest, the more insufferable you become and Musicboard is proof of that phenomenon. However, it can make for some pretty funny takedowns. T…
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Chaotic Little Caesars Review Has People Bringing More Questions Than Answers

When we look up our local takeout on Google, we might have a few preconceived notions about what the review section is going to look like. Something something food quality, something something delivery time, at least one bozo complaining about the quality of the service because they forgot to add napkins. Look up the Little Caesars in Atlanta, though, and you’ll see a break in tradition: namely, a woman appearing to get dragged out the store by her follicles. This discovery was made by @aliyahI…
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Humorous Memes Rate The Many Species Of The Animal Kingdom

One of the quickest ways to humble yourself as a human being is to remember just how many species of animals there are on this planet. Evolution/God/Our Great Lizard Overlords really snapped when it came to this whole nature business, and all around us we can see obvious reminders of that. There’s so many out there that it can get a little overwhelming, so it’s lucky that @welcometomymemepage is here to sort the good from the bad when it comes to creatures and critters. These handy guides will …
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Barista Goes Viral Showcasing All Their Sad Google Reviews, Prompts Other Service Workers To Do The Same

With a lot of customer service jobs, it’s the people you’re serving who make or break the job. Unfortunately, a lot of these people also enjoy being jerks. In the internet age, the dilemma is even worse, because we have the joys of Google allowing every mildly inconvenienced customer to channel their rage at supposedly subpar service for the whole world to see and judge. When the mere whims of a Karen-esque keyboard warrior can put your entire livelihood at risk, it makes sense that you might e…
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Business owners talking back to bad reviewers | Most relevant 2 reviews 4 days ago Ordered waffle find fingernail and hair on my food, absolutely shocking customer service as told would have wait another hour get fresh one. l asked refund but never received one wouldn't send my worst enemy here Response owner 3 days ago Our restaurant is not open yet so this is impossible open May 12th just incase anyone thinks this is remotely true | Marce recommend 1 hour ago doesn't 1 star young man behind

21 Satisfying Times Business Owners Clapped Back At Bad Reviews

Got 'em
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Funny and cringey clip from the movie 'Cats'

Scene In 'Cats' Involves Cringey Dancing Cockroaches

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Funny and cringey review of the 'Cats' movie | Just finished watching/surviving "CATS Movie" with friends not even going try and review Instead am just going share random observations throughout film: 10 minutes someone down aisle actually cried out No, no, please stop am not making up.

Guy's Facebook Review Of 'Cats' Is The Best We've Seen Yet

This review is straight gold.
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