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Crazed McDonald’s Feedback Invents Whole New Level Of Patriotism

OK dude
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15+ Funny Google Reviews That Champion The Angry, Entitled, And Confused

Five stars
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Barber Shares Humorous, Glowing Review Of His Afro Shaping Skills

"I gotcha G".
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Chaotic Little Caesars Review Has People Bringing More Questions Than Answers

When we look up our local takeout on Google, we might have a few preconceived notions about what the review section is going to look like. Something something food quality, something something delivery time, at least one bozo complaining about the quality of the service because they forgot to add napkins. Look up the Little Caesars in Atlanta, though, and you’ll see a break in tradition: namely, a woman appearing to get dragged out the store by her follicles. This discovery was made by @aliyahI…
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Barista Goes Viral Showcasing All Their Sad Google Reviews, Prompts Other Service Workers To Do The Same

With a lot of customer service jobs, it’s the people you’re serving who make or break the job. Unfortunately, a lot of these people also enjoy being jerks. In the internet age, the dilemma is even worse, because we have the joys of Google allowing every mildly inconvenienced customer to channel their rage at supposedly subpar service for the whole world to see and judge. When the mere whims of a Karen-esque keyboard warrior can put your entire livelihood at risk, it makes sense that you might e…
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Game critics cannot figure out simple controls

review FAIL Video Game Coverage video games - 8793345024
By Travis_Touchdown

I'm Sure They Sell a Product That Can Help With That

shoppers beware review bathroom - 8761118208
Via BobbinWilliams

Hopefully It Doesn't Jam Up the Works

amazon wtf review lube - 8759288832
By Unknown

It's Just a Prank, Bro

review App - 8758364160
By Unknown
review wii U devils third zero punctuation Video - 77657089

Devil's Third is a Poor Man's Metal Gear Solid

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The Single Best Review of Pro Skater 5

review tony hawk - 8570934784
By LocoGuy107 (Via Metacritic)

Yelp Is Everywhere

wtf review funny - 8431368960
By Unknown
cute review watch dogs - 61287681

This Is the Only Way To Play Watch Dogs

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What an Insightful Review

review - 8198661376
Via LazyGamer
Bag of Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears - Cover for list of Amazon reviews.

Sugarless Haribo Gummy Bear Reviews Tell Tales of Toilet Terror

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The Grammar Nazis Are Getting Out of Hand

review funny lie - 7779144704
By Unknown
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