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When Company's New Owners Cut Benefits, Employee Exploits Loophole to Screw Over Bosses

Moral of the story: don't mess with PTO
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It's Hopeless

Funny meme about someone not having any sort of retirement plan | kids children playground with a slide leading straight into a hole in the ground
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Funny memes about corporate America

16 Memes For Frustrated Underpaid Workers

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Funny tweets from hashtag game, #millennialretirementplans, funny tweets about retiring as a millennial, millennial memes.

The #MillennialRetirementPlans Hashtag Game Is Both Hilarious And Horribly Depressing

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Yeah Screw This

Funny tweet that reads, "The retirement age needs to be lowered to 25. I've had enough"
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*Raises Hand*

Tweet that reads, "Retweet this if your retirement plan is basically 'civilization will probably crumble before I'm 65 and money will be meaningless anyway"
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barack obama retirement Video - 79796737

Looks Like the President Is Taking His Future Retirement Seriously

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trolling video games retirement trains - 106246

Clocked out Just a Little Bit Early

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Words of Encouragement From Timberland

working retirement - 7892374016
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Living the Life

awesome gamers handheld retirement - 8434484992
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You're Old...Sorry.

doctor old people retirement funny - 8415002624
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Who Needs Preventative Medicine

health funny retirement - 8328296704
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Unless You're From Antarctica

sign retirement funny g rated win - 8180132608
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The Only Reason You're Allowed to Retire

dead funny retirement old - 8096368384
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Trolling is Fun at Any Age

old people retirement - 7876092672
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This Happens Once You Beat Grand Theft Auto V's Story

grand theft auto v retirement - 7831597568
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