Excuse Me Sir

Caption that reads, "I'll bet my entire life savings that she's standing there because she's waiting to talk to the manager" above a pic of a middle-aged woman with a short haircut waiting in a restaurant
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funny retail memes

Retail Memes For Anyone Who Has To Deal With Aggravating Customers

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Where All My Customer Service Peeps At

Tweet that reads, "Sometimes I hear songs that played when I worked in retail and I get PTSD"
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Funny memes for people who work retail

19 Funny Memes That'll Trigger Anyone Who's Worked Retail

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What Did You Do to Deserve This?

black friday What Did You Do to Deserve This?
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Just Looking!

retail struggle web comics - 8977710336
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The Full Retail Work Experience

retail work memes The Full Retail Work Experience
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Why bother!

you what have you done Challenge Accepted retail - 7596195840
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Who Buys CDs Anymore?

Bar Graph Music piracy retail - 5356283904
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What a Deal

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Thanks, Video Game Store, For Helping Parents Out

warning retail parenting video games g rated - 8432612864
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December 26th at Derp-Mart

shopping retail - 8412323584
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Don't Be a Puppet to The System

retail work sucks web comics - 8393872640
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The Customer is Always Right

retail customers - 8295858176
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The Customer is Always Derpy

customer service customers lego retail - 8220690176
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Label Maker + Disgruntled Staff = This

monday thru friday customer service retail work Target g rated - 8195847168
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