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Amusing Thread Recounts Awkward Typos That Happened at Exactly the Wrong Time

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Honest Job Application Answers That Somehow (Sometimes) Got People Hired

Honesty is the best policy.
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Job Applicant Tries to Send Resume to Employer, Sends Dog Pic Instead

At least it was funny
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People Share Ways to Turn the Tables on a Potential Employer in a Job Interview

Job interviews don't have to be one-sided
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Frustrated Candidate Spams Company With Fake Resumes After They Refuse To Interview Him

For most of us, the job application process is an extremely soul-sucking experience. There can come a point when the rejection emails start to get annoying, especially when you know that you’re capable of the job. It’s understandable that you might want to enact some kind of revenge , just like u/SeanGrande who took a dislike to a would-be employer after they refused to interview him. While he was qualified for the job and the company were struggling to fill the position, none of the hiring man…
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Funny meme and tweet about how to write changed a lightbulb on your resume | how would you write i changed a light bulb on your resume single handedly managed the successful upgrade and deployment of new environmental illumination system with zero cost
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I Never Said I Was *Admitted* There

Tweet that reads, "Job interviewer: 'It says on your resume that you went to Cambridge University;' Me: Yeah, I was visiting my sister'"
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Tweet advising people applying to jobs to copy and paste the entire job description into your resume and make the text into white font so that all of the key words display to the recruiters
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Really Hope He Got The Job

Guy tweets about a real resume that he received from a kid saying that he doesn't have any work experience, but that he had watched the entire Game of Thrones series and Stranger Things series
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We Hope She Was Hired On The Spot

Tweet of a completely blank resume
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Forget Resume, These Are Skills for Life

web comics resume skills Forget Resume, These Are Skills for Life
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Speaks For Itself

image ghosts resume Speaks For Itself
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The Job Seeking Process in a Nutshell

jobs resume web comics - 8119607808
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Too Rad for You

cool 420 swag resume job application - 8076189440
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A Little Optimism Never Hurt

Actual Advice Mallard resume job application g rated - 7601119744
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Job Hunting Online

work resume job application - 7602374656
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