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People share stories about quitting their jobs, restaurant workers

Restaurant Workers Share All Their Best-Ever Quitting Stories

I've never quit a job . Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I can endure a situation far longer than is healthy for me. Lord knows I've spent years in relationships that didn't serve me. I slogged through the toxicity because change is scary. I once stayed at a job for seven years even though they only gave me a single raise, and forced me to work in a non-heated, building with no electricity in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I want to be more like the people who throw in the t…
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Memes about servers, restaurants, restaurant workers

Relatable Memes For Overworked & Undertipped Servers

There's a very specific camaraderie you develop when working in a restaurant/bar. People are actually relatively on point when they refer to working together as “being in the trenches.” When the rush comes around it's almost like you're put on autopilot. Swerving through the bus stations, screaming “Corner!” to prevent a terrible accident, and going back and forth from the table because they refuse to order their drinks at the same time. The stress of it all is pretty unparalleled - and if you'…
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Funny tweets about line cooks, restaurant workers, inspired by tweet about the bear starring jeremy allen white

Viral Tweet About 'The Bear' Inspires Celebration of Line Cooks

Line cooks seem to be the talk of the town lately. Memes about the surly yet sweet restaurant workers seem to be on the rise, and all of them are super favorable. The gritty and comedic glimpse into kitchen life we've been seeing on The Bear seems to be bolstering the trend. At least that's what it seems like based on the response to a viral tweet about the 8 episode series.
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