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Dank Science Memes For Those Who Are Way Better At Math Than We Are

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Oh No...

Funny dank meme that shows a headline that reads, "Your cat can have the same mental problems as you" joker dancing on stairs with mini joker
Via LittleEllie95
danks for science and square nerds

17 Dank Science Memes For The Nerds And Squares

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30 Dank Science Memes For The Brainiacs

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That'll Show 'Em

Me of Matthew McConaughey standing over some photographic police evidence under the caption, "Me recreating an argument I had six hours ago with new and better points"
Via WhatBilboHates

What Kind of Research?

signs trolling research What Kind of Research?
Via Chairboy

The Strange Beauty of a Sentient Breakthrough

Via itsthetie

Study of The Day: Pew Research Shows 40 Percent of Millennials Would Censor Offensive Speech

Study of The Day: Pew Research Shows 40 Percent of Millennials Would Censor Offensive Speech
Via Pew Research

Definitely Not Sitting on That Seat

camera IRL research scary toilet wtf - 5006240256
By maxystone

The Main Reason For Looking Beyond Earth

science research web comics - 7957148928
Via Pain Train Comics

That's Quite a Lot of Research

comics superheroes research funny - 7878027264
By Unknown

The Researcher's Dilemma

dilemma information research - 7765941504
By Unknown

I Hope You're Watching Quantum Mechanics

school research wikipedia - 7391365120
By Zeus5966

It's Research, I Swear

facebook homework Pie Chart research school - 6576633856
By lol-cat-person-8991

Why Not Boromir?

Boromir Lord of the Rings research Zoidberg - 6367707648
By debbie_tothewoods

I Don't Always Fake a Photo ...

back to the future fake Memes Photo research - 6380455168
By deej3000
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