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Trawler Saves Man Overboard, Documents the Experience

A lucky rescue
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Traumatized Woman Tries To Free Trapped Chipmunk, Gets More Than She Bargained For

Wait for it...
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Subway Brawl Turns Wholesome in Most NYC Video Ever

In possibly the most NYC moment of all time, an argument between two men on a subway platform turned violent as seen in a viral video shared by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Things quickly escalate and one of the men jabs and misses, hurling himself onto the subway track instead. The other man rushes over and pulls his contender up from the track to safety. The video ends with the two men appearing to reconcile whatever differences pushed them to violence. We love to see a happy ending.
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Hunk Rescues Sheep From Barbed Wire, Inspiring Thirst & Admiration

Almost nothing makes women more thirsty than a hot guy with an animal. Except for a hot guy literally saving an animal. And boy, oh boy, are we feeling thirsty today. Incredible — Dudes Posting Their W’s (@DudespostingWs) September 22, 2021 We first came across this viral video through the wholesome “ Dudes Posting Their Ws ” account - and rightfully so. The instance of a hunky, muscular dude (we're ignoring the man-bun ) rushing to save a bucking sheep from its barbe…
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Reporter Is In For A Surprise After Rescuing An Unconscious, Injured Bird

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The Worst Neighbourhood

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Always Choose Adoption

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They Just Need Special Attention

web comics dogs They Just Need Special Attention
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Created by LadyTasmarnia

Kitteh Rescue!

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Created by ToolBee

Canadian Snow Rescue Kitteh

Canada gifs snow rescue - 8450628608
Created by ToolBee

Swim Freely, Plastic Friend

Cats cute fish gifs rescue - 8446840064
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Your Watch Running Late?

gifs sad but true swords fighting rescue - 8400615424
Created by anselmbe

Rescuing a Giant Manta Ray

gifs manta ray critters rescue - 8320917248
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Amazing Rescue of the Day: Bear Saves a Crow From Drowning

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Returning a Baby Deer to Mom

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