An article about the outcry against Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney's moms birthday party, where her dad wore a blue lives matter shirt and atendees dawed "Make 60 Great Again" Hats

Euphoria Fans React to Sydney Sweeney's Mom's Birthday Party

When celebrities post, people pay attention and never has that been more obvious than when Euphoria actress posted photos from her mother's surprise birthday party. Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Fans quickly noticed details in the photos that some people would completely gloss over. People discovered her dad was wearing a shirt dawning the Blue Lives Matter symbol in a post she made on Instagram. Her brother Trent posted photos from the party where guests wore parody “Make America Great Again…
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With friends like these... Who needs him?

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Caught ya redhanded!

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Nice working with you!

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Way to go, Puty!

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Proof of Global Warming

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The Shape of Melania's American Flag in 2016

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Trump is in the Running for This Anime Season's Best Girl

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To all you haters out there... Orange lives matter too!!!

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Give us your keys

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Choose One

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Well, I would wile away the hours..........

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Why not?

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