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Funny times Rob Delaney replied to all of Cardi B's tweets, creepy, marriage, comedy

10+ Times Rob Delaney Was Cardi B's Creepiest Reply Guy

This takes dedication. Or obsession.
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Cringey tweets from creepy guys, reply guys | Meghan Daum could just keep them do think? Or keep one would be just @meghan_daum 5h $1000. ENEOSa t 2 15 14 Stephen Marche Follow Replying meghan_daum have see on foot decide 4:58 PM 11 Jun 2019 ta 5 | RipleyShaine @ThatOne Re 1h would love Fallout: New Orleans 4 32 Aidan Replying ThatOneRed Guard and @BethesdaStudios would love be toilet paper 5/29/18, 09:45

15+ Cringey Times Reply Guys Risked It All

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