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OSHA-Violating Swimming Pool Crane Prompts Horrified Jokes

Oh boy
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25+ Impressive Instances Of DIY That Tow The Fine Line Between Genius And Madness

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Today In Things That Will Break A Macbook: A Single Grain Of Chipotle Rice

Apple products may have many strengths, but durability sure isn’t one of them. Every iPhone or MacBook user has endured the delights of smashed screens and dwindling battery life at some point or another, no matter how carefully they use their electronics. It has got to a point where the reasons for malfunctioning devices are starting to get pretty ridiculous, as @kaxamdays had the misfortune to find out recently. After eating Chipotle near their MacBook, they closed it with a single grain of r…
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Wholesome Thread Delights In Vacation Dads Fascinated With Pool Repairmen

If Father’s Day card designs are anything to go by, many men of a certain age enjoy the simple things in life. Sports, beer and fart jokes probably take the top spot, but a solid runner up has to be power tools. There are few more intimate relationships than a dad and the immaculately equipped toolbox in the garage that he never touches, apart from when another man’s tools are involved. This essential truth has been elegantly proved by @ellieq , when she came across some repairmen replacing a p…
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Tired of This

explosion FAIL gifs puns repair tired - 5879178752
By Unknown

Wait, That's Not What An Engine Should Do

accident cars FAIL fire gifs repair yikes - 5783284224
By Unknown

Elevator Prank

babe elevator gifs prank Pranks for the Memories repair - 5412153600
By Unknown

Anxiety Cat: Calculator? No, My Abacus is Fine Tonight

calculator electricity fix pizza repair - 5270026752
By miocara (Via

Duct Tape? Try 'Everything Tape'

duct tape flow chart repair WD-40 - 4921424128
Via The High Definite

The Internet IRL: Bear Grylls, Repair Man

automatic bear grylls flush IRL man repair urinal - 4771038208
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internet nothing Pie Chart repair wireless - 3506095872
By neilcampbell31


computer problems professional repair tech support - 2184701184
By digitalmaniak3k