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Quirky Kitchen Layout Sparks Controversial Thread

It's multifunctional
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Wily Tenant Tries To Prank Landlord, Probably Ends Up Messing With Sanitation Workers

Is this a devious lick?
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30+ Comically Passive Aggressive Notes People Left For Their Neighbors

Ah, the woes of renting. Anyone who's experienced the daily little annoyances that come with living in an apartment building full of hundreds of other grumpy tenants likely understands that 'loving thy neighbor' is sometimes harder than it looks. Even the politest souls can resort to furiously scrawling passive aggressive notes for their inconsiderate neighbors if buttons are pushed hard enough. One can only take so many sleepless nights hearing apartment 5b blast Justin Bieber at ungodly hours…
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Funny & Strange Notes Neighbors Left in Apartment Building Lobbies

Thanks to the impressive popularity of @whatisnewyork, hundreds of renters regularly send the account all the hilariously weird and passive aggressive notes they find in the apartment complex lobbies of New York City. Seeing these notes all in one place really paints a picture of the woes of renting in a tenement full of high-strung, stressed-out, irritable people. Though, to be fair, not all the notes are full of rage. Some bold neighbors use lobbies, laundry rooms, and elevators as their perso
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Tenants Bemoan the Perils of Renting From Slumlords

Ceilings across America are dropping like flies
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