Twitter Thread About Emailing Landlords Is Both Funny & Depressing

There's been a lot of rage directed at landlords of late, and while they're not all bad, we're pretty sure most everyone has dealt with a rotten one. Twitter user @calebsaysthings rallied frustrated tenants with a relatably funny but annoying tweet about how ones tone changes when email an unresponsive landlord. Other users chimed in with their own landlord communication tactics, and even some seriously f*cked up anecdotes. We can't say we disagree with most of this stuff, but we do sympathize with the landlords who give it their all.

Funny twitter thread about emailing with landlords | tweet by calebsaysthings first email landlord hey dave l'm sure busy and hate be bother but noticed third email landlord Mr. Whittington- trust familiar with all local, state, and federal ordinances regarding rights and expectations tenants pursuant.
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