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18 Classical Art Memes For The Highly Sophisticated

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Oh Hell Yeah Turn It Up

Caption that reads, "When the DJ plays an absolute banger" above a classical art painting of someone playing the violin next to someone contorting themselves into a weird shape
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We All Do It Sometimes

Caption that reads, "When a meme catches you off-guard with a hidden meaning and you start analyzing that motherf*cker" above a renaissance painting of a guy studying something intently
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19 Classical Art Memes That Are Way Better Than Walking Through A Museum

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So True

Tweet that reads, "Honestly I have the PERFECT Italian renaissance bod right now and I'm so mad at y'all for changing the ideal feminine form on me. Titian would have worshipped me okay. Boticelli would be all up in my DMs"
Via PrehistoricPlesiosaurus

Me About My Ex

Caption that reads, "Me: Okay I've complained enough about this, it's time to put it to rest; Me five minutes later: Actually you know what..." above a pic of a skeleton coming out of the grave
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Brutal As Hell

Caption that reads, "When Mom makes you go to church but you still metal" above a stained-glass painting of Jesus subtly making the devil horns with his hand
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Dude, Just Leave Me Alone For Five Seconds

renaissance art meme of an annoyed mom and a small child with the caption, "When your kid says Mom for the 745th time"
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