Leather armor made for cats, dungeons and dragons, cosplay, pets

Leatherworker and Dungeons & Dragons Enthusiast Creates “Kitty Armor” So Your Cat Can Now Fully Be Immersed in the Game With You

Next up? Teaching your cat how to roll dice!
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A compilation of tweets from Beyonce fans celebrating the release of Renaissance

The Best Bey Hive Tweets Celebrating The Release of Renaissance

The time has finally come for Beyoncé to release new music. While Beyoncé has been the undeniable queen of visual albums over the past couple of years, it's been a while since she's released original music. It hasn't been as long as Rihanna, but the fact remains that the Bey Hive has been waiting patiently for new music, and now it's finally here. This week, Beyoncé's album Renaissance leaked early, with many of her fans vehemently opposing others listening to the tracks before their release…
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A compilation of tweets about Beyoncé's album leak

Beyoncé's Album Leak Sparks Hilarious Tweets From The Bey Hive

To stream or not stream, that is the question. New albums by famous artists leaking before their official release is nothing new. The advent of social media has allowed even the least computer savvy among us to pirate music with nothing more than a cursory search. That's why it's not the least bit surprising that Beyoncé's upcoming album Renaissance was leaked on Twitter this week. While some fanbases stream their faves leaked music without any feelings of remorse (I'm looking at you, Charli XC…
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TikToker Shows the Internet How Lit Parties Would Have Been if Rap and Hip Hop Existed in the Renaissance Times

Thy fiftieth penny is quite the musician
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horsegate, horse, jousting, renaissance, crazy, crazyex, reddit, ex, husband, wife, girlfriend

Redditor Describes Ex-Husband’s Jousting Horse Debacle

It gets weirder.
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43 Fine Art Memes Full Of Modern Relatability

Renaissance paintings were basically memes
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Funny classical art memes | Perhaps Judas's biggest crime never understanding personal space | Time traveller year is 2020 Time traveller- Oh 1st year quarantine classicaldamn

Fifteen Classical Art Memes For The Cultured Soul

Behold! Art!
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Funny memes about classical art | drunk friends try look sober while negotiate with bouncer Jesus and followers | My cat at 2 AM deciding thank caring about him Kafz Should piss his slippers or shit on is keyboard? weird medieval cat

Fifteen Classical Art Memes For Highly Cultured People

For the sophisticated.
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'Accidental Renaissance' photos taken from Reddit | donald trump white house dinner with multiple boxes of fast food spread across the table

Seventeen Instances Of Glorious Accidental Renaissance

Pure works of art.
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Funny classical art memes

Cultured Classical Art Memes For The Enthusiasts Of Art History

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classical art memes

18 Classical Art Memes For The Highly Sophisticated

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Rip. Off.

Caption that reads, "When he says poems and chill and he actually means poems and chill" above a classical painting of a guy reading out of a book sitting next to a woman looking disappointed
Via oenavia


Caption that reads, "When you photobomb your wife's painting, but now have to stand still for 13 hours" above a 1700s painting of a guy standing next to a woman
Via VulgarPancakes

Well This Is Awkward

Renaissance painting where one woman says, "You look tired" and the other says, "I'm just ugly"
Via VulgarPancakes

What The Frick Are You Looking At

Caption that reads, "That feeling when you go out for a quiet meal and some f*cker at the next table starts painting you" above a painting of three people eating at a table and looking over in a judgmental manner
Via facelesshrs

Every Damn Day

Funny meme about art
Via classicalfuck
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