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Funny Tweets About Living Life Through Zoom Meetings

With coronavirus (Covid-19) keeping people from their offices and classrooms, many schools and workplaces are turning to Zoom for instruction and meetings. Zoom is essentially like Google Hangouts - but you can include up to 100 participants. This has made it a saving grace for fitness studios, too. This adjustment to living life remotely is a pain, but it's also inspiring some funny and relatable tweets. If we have to suffer, at least we can laugh about it together.

Coronavirus memes, coronavirus tweets, covid-19 tweets, funny memes, dank memes, zoom meetings | Name's Bond Vaga Bond @OBC4LBenji pulled up my zoom meeting 65 man wearing a blazer and shorts | spongebob yoooo @Checkmyjumpmans teacher: does everyone understand everybody on zoom: Nope. Helo Do yall hear sumn Hellen Keller this bitch. lon hearsh. Not damn thing. Ear Mach Somebody said sumn Y'all hoarthat Something said 10:32 AM 3/23/20 Twitter iPhone
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