relatable parenting memes


Parenting Memes To Get You Through The Ups & Downs

As if parenting wasn't already a slightly-gratifying nightmare, the quarantine and home-schooling are making it increasingly difficult to stay sane. If you're suddenly feeling more violent and frustrated than usual, you're not alone. Raising kids is already a full time job. Now there's almost zero time to take care of yourselves. The good news is that you're not alone. And these amusing memes about the trials and tribulations of parenthood are pretty great proof. If you're lucky, they may even elicit a rare laugh from your exhausted body.

funny parenting memes | wikihow illustration man looking in the mirror parent charge do not have watch another episode Paw Patrol. | getting home after 2019 12 hour shift hard labor busband, and My four year old hitting right nuts Grant Gustin next to the grave
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