20 of the Sickest Burns of All Time

The doctors tried to save all of these people, but in most cases, the burns were just too sick.

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[X] Tyrannosaurus Rekt
[X] Shrekt the Third
[X] Rekt-It Ralph
[X] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrekt
[X] North by Northrekt
[X] Rekt marks the spot
[X] Caught rekt handed
[X] Star Trekt
[X] Lord of the Rings: The Rekturn of the King
[X] The Rekt Prince of Bel-Air
[X] Rektbox One
[X] Catcher in the Rekt
[X] Forrekt Gump
[X] Squares and rektangles
[X] Rektal Exam
[X] The Good, the Bad and the Rekt
[X] E.T. the Extra-Terrektstrial
[X] Tom Clancy's Rektbow Six Siege

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We all know them. We all hate them. The spammers. The terrible, no-talent assclowns who just spam ranged attacks all day long. They're like the guy who camps in a corner and hardscopes in Call of Duty, except arguably more annoying.

In one corner, we have the admirable tryhard, Kung Jin. In the other, we have spamming assclown, Jacqui Briggs. Just when Kung Jin looks defeated, he unleashes an outstanding can of whoop-ass on Jacqui that puts spammers to shame everywhere. The guy playing Kung Jin doesn't even bother with a Fatality at the end, just a whole lot of teabagging.

Satisfaction doesn't even begin to describe it.