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'He's below average and didn't deserve it': College Applicant Gets Rejected From Cornell With 4.6 GPA, Sparks Debate About Entitled Students

That SAT score though
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Cruel Woman Gets Slammed For Dumping Date With Brutal Text

Totally unnecessary
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The internet shares all the ridiculous reasons that they have been turned down by an employer for a job

25+ Hilariously Odd Reasons Why Job Applicants Were Rejected

We didn't want the job anyways
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Job Applicant Slams Patronizing Cover Letter Rejection on Twitter

A "2nd chance"!?
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Amusing Job Rejection Highlights Everything Wrong With Common Hiring Practices

Damn, that's harsh
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Job Applicant Does Dramatic Reading of Patronizing Rejection Email

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Woman Gets Passed Up For Job Because Of Her Voicemail

How is this fair?
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Comically Brutal Rejections & Cringe of the Saddest Kind

Press 'F' to pay respects.
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Woman Pranks Man Who Lied To Her, Receives Cringey Backlash

It's not that deep...
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15+ Rejections That Sting Like They Happened Personally

Taking an L never seemed so cringeworthy.
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Woman Captures Excruciating Experience Of Meeting O.J. Simpson

Too close for comfort
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Cringey and embarrassing, lol, funny, dank memes | @clease! Did still want come over tonight? So honestly l'm sorry but don't think this is going work Oh Yeah, there's something about just reminds more creature than girl lol Did just call fucking creature | pancakeke Follow kinda sad twitter and fb removed trump video considering 's only way eric trump ever gonna hear his dad say love very special" pancakeke Follow candybaggins Imagine being Eric Trump and hearing dad say not but strangers.

17 Sad Moments Of Pathetic Cringe

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Funny Twitter memes about getting romantically rejected entitled, "The Rejection, The Clown" | tweet by zoyajumshaid rejection clown zoya man fuck please no jus no cmon dawg ve're deadass jus FRIENDS thas all ve ever been thas all ever gonna be why would like back bro 's wrong wit ike cant stress this enough are JUS FRIENDS DAWG oh ok

Clownish People Who Got Rejected Meme Their Pathetic Attempts

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Cringey Gamer Bro Goes Totally Nuts After Girl Rejects Him

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Millennials Are Getting Blamed For Bringing 'Ghosting' To The Workplace

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Which Gender is More Harsh When Rejecting a Date?

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