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20 Cringeworthy Moments for Curious Cringe Fans (July 21, 2023)

Internet friends, web denizens, social discomfort lovers it's that time of the week. That's right! Every Saturday we take a look at some of the most poignant cringe posts available to the public. For anyone wondering, this week's crop is awfully embarrassing. Unless you're the de facto coolest and most suave individual of all time, we all have to admit we're a little bit cringey from time to time. We're not all as self-aware as we think. Maybe last week you told a waiter “You too!” when they sa…
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twitter wtf wtf-posts Twitter Thread embarrassing deleted-tweets cringe funny tweets cringeworthy regret - 19998981

Twitter Users Share Their All-Time Favorite Deleted Tweets

It's common to regret things we say from time to time, but making a mistake in a conversation or sending an embarrassing message in a group chat is nothing compared to the potential horror of posting something on the internet that you deeply regret later. Justine Sacco's infamous tweet is a reminder that deleting a cringeworthy post may not be enough, as it could already be too late. It's important to remember that anything you say or post on social media, including revealing photos or comments…
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Cringeworthy Images That Didn't Age Well

Regrettable Images & Statements That Aged Incredibly Poorly

We all know that hindsight is 20/20. That definitely applied to the year 2020 , and as we've learned over the past few years, the present, too. Today, however, we are talking about a special kind of hindsight and regret. We've all seen that tweet from Hillary Clinton where she says "Happy birthday to this future President." Well, let's just say that things didn't go as she planned. Cringe. That tweet kind of made history where being overly confident is concerned. Today, we've got an assortment…
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Funny memes about throwing up when you remember something you regret, guy throwing up

These 'Guy Throwing Up Remembering' Memes Are a Perfect Expression of Regret

Regret is a painful emotion. And as you get older, it always seems there's more to feel regretful about. There are loads of memes about being in the shower and thinking about the comebacks you could have used against that annoying coworker, or perhaps your mortal enemy. But that kind of regret is nothing. I, personally, have been having a hard time thinking about all the hours I've spent nursing drinks at the dive bars where my friends work. I'd offer to help them close in exchange for cheap dr…
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TikTokers are Confessing the Terrible Thing they Did as a Child that They Now Regret

TikTokers are Confessing the Terrible Thing they Did as a Child that They Now Regret

Is adulthood feeling remorse?
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A Load Of People Doing Things They Instantly Regret

Oh no
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Woman Regrets One Night Stand After Conversation The Morning After

Seriously dude
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Funny dank memes, poorly aged, sad, tech | My prediction year 2020 is everyone will live peacefully and they will cure every disease there is think Kevin Singh | Tom Randolph @rockerest Well, Bitcoin has stabilized at almost exactly $14/coin tired waiting jump, so l'm taking loss and getting my cash back

Poorly Aged Posts That Are Filled With Regret

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Funny meme about Patrick Star, me after seeing my conversations where i expressed too much
Via u/forever-zer09999

Drink Responsibly

Funny meme about being hungover, shame spiral, i'm never saying another word again.
Via @hauntedtoilet
Funny memes about the hulk, regretful hulk, marvel memes, regret, past mistakes.

'Regretful Hulk' Memes Are Overflowing With Relatable Cringe

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silly cat pics

12 Dumb Cats Who Instantly Regretted Their Bad Decisions

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Funny and cringey text attempts.

18 Hilariously Cringey Texts That Are Dripping With Regret

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funny design fails.

23 Regret-Filled Design Fails That'll Get You Laughing

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If I Could Turn Back Time

Funny meme with PAtrick STewart looking dismayed, about when you see your facebook memories from years ago and are filled with regret.
Via beigecardigan

Why Am I Like This?

Funny meme about when you're about to go to sleep but you think of something that happened a long time ago and what you could have done to change it.
Via The Humor Lab
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