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Foul Thread Reveals A Crime Against Workplace Refrigerators Everywhere

Not nice
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Twitter reacts to video of woman organizing fridge into binderssand

Woman Organizes Fridge With Binders, Horrifies the Internet

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Funny tweet about the butter section of the refrigerator the butter's penthouse
Via @shutupmikeginn

It's A Mystery

Funny meme that reads, "Me at 10 years of age trying to figure out why the fridge goes dark after I close it" above photos of 50 Cent opening a cabinet and closing it
Via LeoSenior
Funny and depressing fridge magnets poems from the depressing fridge poems instagram account, nihilistic, cynical | roses are red violets blue are romance has been dead since 2002 have all just tricked ourselves believing into pets aren't our prisoners

The 'Depressing Fridge Poems' Instagram Is A Cynic's Dream

Deliciously dark.
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funny meme about opening and closing refrigerator as though its contents will change eggoraptor do it again
Via @memebase

Wow, This Cooking Thing Is Really Easy!

Caption that reads, "When you're cooking and the recipe says 'Chill in the fridge for one hour'" above a funny photo of a guy reading a book inside of a refrigerator
Via daytimedrinkingincoffeecups

No Me Gusta :(

Caption that reads, "When the only thing you explore is the refrigerator" above a pic of a very fat Dora the Explorer pillow
Via StTomat

Now You Gonna Get It

Caption that reads, "You came to the wrong fridge, motherf*cker" above a pic of a spilled can of Pepsi surrounded by a bunch of cans of Coke
Via Yourmemeourmeme

It's Every Night

Text on a refrigerator that reads, "Hi, welcome to adulthood. You'll be constantly tired except right before you need to go to sleep"
Via WheeziestTuna

Frying Food Can Be Hazardous

gifs refrigerator - 8507195648
Created by jyonasan1957

Troll Fridge is an All-or-Nothing Kind of Guy

fridge ice cubes refrigerator - 7898044672
Created by Unknown

Reaching into the Unknown

toys refrigerator oh god why fridge - 8365330688
Created by death_by_rage

Facebook is Like a Refrigerator

facebook refrigerator - 8144716032
Created by Howlerdude

Frozen? I Prefer Slightly Chilly...

food frozen refrigerator - 8100317440
Created by Unknown


milk refrigerator - 8005875200
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams
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