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20 Cringey Times Reddit Was Terrible

While we try to use Reddit for good (find you amusing and wholesome content), sometimes we have to face the facts. The facts are that Reddit can be just as cringey as terrible as it can be educational and uplifting. Twitter account @AwfulReddit is a wonderful (and horrifying) archive of some of the most brutally tasteless, offensive and unfunny content that the site has to offer. And because we're a little sadistic? We're sharing them with you.

Funny and cringey posts on Reddit | r/inflation Inflation fetish Im 12 and have inflation fetish want she inflation video found youtube wrong r/ man This sub is about economic inflation | r/antinatalism 4y Join People should eat other people instead other animals there's nothing wrong with cannibalism fact endorse wouldn't mind trying out at some time myself think all innocent animals who are needlessly bred slaughtered just all those people who eat meat want these animals die just because they
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