Sh*t Was So Cool Back In The Day

Caption that reads, "Fifth graders when someone acts like they're smoking a cigarette by exhaling in the cold" above a pic of a guy laughing hysterically
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Biscuit Guy

Caption that reads, "Our new Shrek play area is ready for the children. Including friends like Cat in Shoes, Biscuit Guy and Unpleasant Mule" above a pic of a play structure that has structures of knockoff characters from Shrek
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This Always Happens In Class... ALWAYS

class talking teacher recess - 8559494656
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I Lied!!

crush i lied recess - 8389595392
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Scumbag Kid at Recess

kids recess - 8132683776

Rainy Days

recess you dont say elementary school rain - 7950774272
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I Did This Every Day

kindergarten are you kidding me recess i lied - 7885777664
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Dat Ass

recess cartoons dat ass - 7140206592
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My Best Slammer Got Confiscated!

1990s problems First World Prob First World Problems recess - 6424356352
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The 90's Playground Troll

cartoons playground recess snitch troll face - 5679813120
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Best Half an Hour of My Day

pedobear Rage Comics recess - 4802493440
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Randall from "Monsters, Inc." Totally Looks Like Randall from Recess

animation monsters inc movies recess TV - 4783341824
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Queen Elizabeth Totally Looks Like Mrs. Finster

British cartoons Queen Elizabeth II recess royalty - 4648153088
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cartoons goblin Harry Potter movies recess TV - 3451983872
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animation cartoons disney old lady recess - 2946532352