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A compilation of Lisa Rinna M&M themed tweets and memes

The Funniest Lisa Rinna M&M Tweets

Sometimes memes get so incomprehensible that you need to pull back layers and layers of context even to explain them to an outsider. Lisa Rinna M&M is one of those memes. This meme started with an Academy Awards advertising campaign from 2008, which features Real Housewives star Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone on the red carpet rendered as horrifying M&Ms . Why are they M&Ms? Why do they look like that? Only God knows. This year, the Lisa Rinna M&M has begun to pop up in various memes on Twitter and…
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funny woman yelling at cat meme
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funny meme about woman yelling at cat, hopeless romantic knuckle tats
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Woman Yelling At A Cat"

'Woman Yelling At A Cat' Memes Show No Signs Of Slowing Down

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These memes don't get old

Funny smudge the cat meme mixed with thai political cartoon
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'Two Women Yelling At A Cat' Memes Are Overly Aggro

'Two Women Yelling At A Cat' Memes Are Overly Aggro

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british comedy comedy real housewives - 84588289

BBC's Explosive New Show: The Real Housewives of ISIS

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Lydia McLaughlin Totally Looks Like an Alien From They Live

totally looks like real housewives - 7626040064
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Vicki Gunvalson Totally Looks Like Ben Quadinaros

funny real housewives TLL - 6275313664
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Danielle Staub Totally Looks Like Iggy Pop

iggy pop musicians real housewives - 4834186240
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Elsa Patton Totally Looks Like Scary Snickers Lady

advertisement plastic surgery real housewives scary - 4806025472
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Arnold Schwarzenegger real housewives scandal - 4799418368
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