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Honest Ads: Why You'll Never Buy A House

Are YOU a millennial who is gradually accepting that they will never be able to buy a house that is completely dilapidated? Well, Cracked's got a video for you. While things may seem simple for people on House Hunters , the honest truth is that real estate companies and realtors are total scum. What if they told people the truth about who they are and how they're screwing the people? Well, this is what it would sound like.
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Real Estate Boss Provokes Debate For Rating Employees' Outfits As They Arrive To Work

Is this meant to be cute?
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Video: NYC Woman Finds Mysterious Apartment Behind Her Bathroom Mirror

Well that's creepy
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Funny twitter meme / tweets about Vornado Real Estate Trust naming their Hotel Pennsylvania redevelopment Penn15, pen15 club, penis | Noah Hurowitz O @NoahHurowitz sorry named phallic monument excess inlinc Vornado's 'Penn15' Redevelopment Hotel Pennsylvania Once Again Re-Imagined Ne | Toss Coin Witcher @favabean05 Please god don't name this Penn15 my 14 year old sense humor can't handle Hannah @h_thoreson 10h This is cool design building but hope they can come up with better

Vornado's 'Penn15' Tower Brings Out Twitter's Inner 12 Year Old

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Funny 'it's free real estate' meme
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Thanks to the Internet, You Can Invest Your Free Time Into a New Home

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This Kind of Advertising Speaks to Me

image ads real estate This Kind of Advertising Speaks to Me
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Real Estate Agents Are Masters of Deception

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Yacht Parking Not Provided

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The Land Value is Through the Roof (Metaphorically Speaking)


Welcome to the Neighborhood!


Also, Every Room Comes With a Built-In Hot Tub!

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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

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Also, Every Room Comes With a Built-In Hot Tub!

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Well Played, Real Estate Agent

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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

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