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Cup Noodles Reveal They Were Not Always Microwavable; The Internet Responds With Shock

Tell that to my childhood
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A Regrettable Section of Facepalm Moments

The facepalm. A classic motion that immediately conveys the inner feeling of the palmer. Almost always, those are shame and exasperation. Usually, it’s impulsive. One of those go-to motions when you hear about the egregiously stupid act someone has committed or a particularly shameful news story. It’s a classic; deified by one of the internet’s oldest and most popular Advice Animal memes: Jean-Luc Picard’s famous facepalm. It’s one of those images that strikes an immediate, visceral reaction fr…
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Top 20 Movie Myths Unmasked by Redditors

Top 20 Movie Myths Debunked by Redditors

Lights, camera, debunked!
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Selfies At Auschwitz: Twitter Users Rally Against Disrespectful Concentration Camp Visitor

People may have been taking selfies 20 years ago (Myspace angles, anyone?) but they definitely weren't taken the same way they are now, whether we're talking about frequency, ease, or more about confidence levels. And while it's nice to get an ego boost on Instagram every now and again, it often seems as though selfies have become compulsive. People will literally take them everywhere, and sometimes, it's an actual problem. Just this past weekend, Twitter user @MariaRMGBNews provided the bird a…
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Fans React to Reports of Taylor Swift's Breakup With Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly ended their long-time relationship. It goes without saying, but Swifties aren’t taking this well. Fans have been in a state of emergency; speculating, mourning, theorizing, and just losing their minds in general. Now, the high-profile split isn’t official yet. A source close to the couple claims that an amicable, no-drama breakup between the two took place a few weeks ago. Neither Swift nor Alwyn have confirmed this firsthand. That being said, we’re ta…
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The Last of Us recap Episode 8, Reactions and memes from Twitter

'The Last of Us' Episode 8: Recap and Funniest Reaction Memes (March 6, 2023)

WARNING: The Last of Us Episode 8 Spoilers ahead The penultimate episode of The Last of Us isn’t pulling any punches. After last week’s devastating flashback of Ellie and her lost love, the show gives viewers whiplash in its return to an even more brutal reality. One that Ellie must face, largely on her own. Ellie works to nurse Joel, driven to a pseudo-comatose state after taking a stab from a raider, to recovery. As she attempts to provide for both herself and him, she faces this week’s antag…
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Rihanna confirms speculation amid speculation during super bowl halftime show

Rihanna Confirms Pregnancy Amid Super Bowl Halftime Show Speculation

The bump heard 'round the world.
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People Lament (And Defend) the 'Forced Switch' From Wired to Bluetooth Headphones

As technology progresses over the years, there always seems to be a number of people stomping their feet in protest. When I was younger, I would always dismiss these people as Luddites - until Apple took away our precious headphone jack back in 2017. For about two or three years, playing music from an iPhone got a bit more complicated. IPhone users were forced to buy dongles, and impromptu DJ sessions at friends' houses or at bars involved a frantic search for these adaptors. It was frustrating…
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Funny memes and Twitter reactions to the news that Panic! AT the Disco is breaking up

Funniest Memes & Reactions to the News of Panic! At the Disco's 'Breakup'

Be kind to your elders today, folks. Today has been tough for nostalgic millennials who listen to pop punk and emo as a sick coping mechanism. That's because Brendon Urie announced on Instagram that his band Panic! At the Disco would be no more. The statement reads as follows: "Well, it’s been a hell of a journey… Growing up in Vegas I could’ve never imagined where this life would take me. So many places all over the world, and all the friends we’ve made along the way. But sometimes a journey m…
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'Nothing sexier than a post apocalyptic DILF': Best Twitter reactions to the HBO premier of 'The Last of Us' (NO SPOILERS)

Look for the light
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A compilation of tweets reacting to Minecraft YouTuber Dream's face reveal

Funniest Tweets Reacting To Minecraft YouTuber Dream's Face Reveal

Some say that the closest thing to a real-life superhero/supervillain is Twitter user dril. He's anonymous, has a platform he usues for good, and has an iconic look. Nobody knows who he is, but we all secretly want to know who is really behind that blurry picture, sunglasses, and hilarious tweets. The same could be said for Minecraft YouTuber “Dream” who, until yesterday, had never shown his face to his 30 million subscribers. For years, Dream has been building his gaming empire behind smiley f…
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Funny twitter reactions to house of dragons

The Best Reactions to HBO's 'House of the Dragon' Episode 6

Um, hey. Spoilers, obviously. If you've been watching HBO's House of the Dragon as obsessively as I've been, you'll know that last night they did a thing. They did a few things, really. And while there may have been that massive shift in terms of the cast, ( Emma D'Arcy replacing Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra, and Olivia Cooke replacing Emily Carey's Alicent) the same violence and misery remain as though ten minutes had passed rather than ten years. The beginning of the sixth episode greets us with…
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Funny reactions to Star WArs hotel, $5000, SFGate, Star Wars hotel reviews, claustropobic

People React to and Riff On Disney's $5000 Star Wars Hotel

Look. We know that a lot of people love Disney. As a kid, you're basically trained to want to go to one of their tricked out amusement parks. You want to see Goofy's goofiness up close, meet a princess in a floofy gown, and stand in line for over an hour with your disgruntled parents who would rather be drinking. After a while you grow up, and while you do want to go to Disneyland for some rides, you also want to spend more time at the Trader Sam's tiki bar, drinking until you get into an explo…
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The Internet Reacts To The Wattpad x ViacomCBS Partnership

An... interesting decision
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Funny memes and reactions to leaked trailer of Spider-man no way home

Crappy 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Trailer Leak Sparks Less Crappy Memes

Marvel fans work quickly.
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Funny memes and tweets about Elon Musk Tesla Robot, twitter reactions

Elon Musk's 'Tesla Bot' Sparks Funny & Fearful Reaction Memes

The future just keeps getting weirder.
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