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'Nothing sexier than a post apocalyptic DILF': Best Twitter reactions to the HBO premier of 'The Last of Us' (NO SPOILERS)

Look for the light
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woman accidentally captures her reaction to the red wedding scene from Game of Thrones

Woman Accidentally Captures Her Horrified Reaction to Seeing the ‘Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding Scene for the First Time While Just Trying to Make Wholesome DIY Holiday Gift Video

It started as any wholesome craft video, showing off the end of the yarn piece she was making for a Christmas gift. Her big mistake, however, was thinking ‘Game of Thrones’ was the kind of show you can just having playing in the background and not pay attention to…
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Pepsi Makes Pilk Canon With Lindsay Lohan Ad, The Internet Reacts

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Third Grade Teacher Shows Students Talking Heads, Shares Hilarious Results

"It's a little OK"
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Woman Is Flabbergasted By Elderly Lady's 'Secret' To Leading A Long Life

OK, Annie??
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Sports Illustrated Model Yumi Nu Responds To Jordan Peterson's Fat Shaming

Unbothered, flourishing
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15+ Entertaining And Wholesome Animal Meme Text Reactions

Haha, weird animal
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The Internet Reacts To The Wattpad x ViacomCBS Partnership

An... interesting decision
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bear, wedding, reception, guests, wedding guests, food, wtf, mexico, mountains, tiktok

Wedding Guests Respond Nonchalantly To Bear Gate-Crashing Reception

Cool, calm and collected
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machine gun kelly, megan fox, interview, love, relationship, horny, cringe, funny twitter, weed

Obnoxious Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Interview Inspires Roasty Response

Fanfic writers are taking notes
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funny and cringey memes, oof size large memes | Ronda Queen My bf got his side bitch pregnant but both love each other. Should stay? MsThobekaa Yes. They'll need clown kid's birthday parties. Medium Small Large OOF SIZE. My friend's crush told him he smelled nice She asked him where he got his cologne so she could buy her boyfriend some. Lmao Medium Small Large OOF SIZE

Painfully Cringey 'Oof Size Large' Memes

Somebody had to say it.
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Funny tweets about a 'Long Furby' that a guy's wife made for a friend's birthday | I love my wife very much, but over the past few weeks she has been making a long Furby for a friend's birthday and it has made living here very uncomfortable | MOMENT UNDERSTOOD WEAKNESS MY FLESH THEWNE DISGUSTED

Creepy 'Long Furby' Is Terrifying Twitter Users Everywhere

Well this is unsettling.
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Funny dank memes about reporter Jonathan Swan's facial reactions during an interview with Donald Trump | spotify listening music an ad about ads are annoying | monkey puppet side eye

Confused Reporter Interviewing Trump Is Inspiring Some Top-Tier Memeage

His reactions really are priceless.
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Funny confused reaction meme featuring Billie Eilish with bright green hair roots at the Oscars | tweet by Matt Patches @misterpatches ok boomer face 9:01 PM Feb 9, 2020 Twitter Web App Price 15.00 Price 20.00 Shipping 1.99 Shipping: Free

'Confused Billie Eilish' Is An Oscar-Worthy Reaction Meme

Billie Eilish was not havin' Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph's singing, apparently.
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Funny dank memes and tweets about the restored Ghent Altarpiece lamb restoration | tweet by GoingMedieval Therapist uncovered face Lamb God Ghent Altarpiece isn't real can't hurt uncovered face Lamb God Ghent Altarpiece. derek zoolander blue steel

Sixteen Reaction Memes Inspired By The Restoration Of The Ghent Altarpiece Lamb

Its lips are so...big.
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Funny memes, Blinking white guy memes, first guy to, dank memes, memes about medusa, dating.

Blinking White Guy Memes Are Back, Dumber Than Ever

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