Insanely Relatable Disney Memes For People Who Grew Up With VHS Tapes

Insanely Relatable Disney Memes For People Who Grew Up With VHS Tapes

OMW to Blockbuster
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It's Not?

Funny meme about gordon ramsay
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Very Surprising Indeed

Caption that reads, "When you meet the chef who made that bomb-ass ratatouille" above a still of Donald Trump giving a speech saying, "Didn't expect that rat, but that's okay"
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Moi, An Intellectual

Funny meme about Ratatouille.
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Livin' Hard

Funny meme of a rat smoking a cigarette, says "Ratatouille? Haven't heard that name in years." A reference to the Disney film of the same name.
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Jacques Brunswick Totally Looks Like Linguini (Ratatouille)

Linguini TLL ratatouille simpsons - 6923866880
Created by kpoary

Mark Zuckerberg Totally Looks Like Linguini (Ratatouille)

funny Hall of Fame Linguini Mark Zuckerberg Movie ratatouille TLL - 6318557952
Created by Unknown

Cochran from Survivor Totally Looks Like Remy from Ratatouille

funny ratatouille survivor TLL TV - 5720474112
Created by mdhoozer