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Funny Unexpected Moments That Deserve Appreciation

Wait for it...
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Amazon's Selling Dank Tees

funny memes rare pepe t shirt
Via Amazon
rare perfect dark - 77011457

Rare Releases a Behind the Scenes Look at Perfect Dark

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banjo kazooie Video rare Video Game Coverage - 76960257

Whoa, Look at This Footage of Project Dream, the Game That Became Banjo Kazooie

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Wiggle wiggle...

Pokémon rare - 8588771328
Created by death_by_rage

If Nintendo Still Had Rare

nintendo wii U rare - 7975488000
Created by xamoel
rare E32015 Video Video Game Coverage - 71903233

New From Rare: Sea of Thieves

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rare E32015 Video Video Game Coverage - 71902977

Re-Live the Joy of 30 Classic Rare Games on Xbox One

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They Have the Rarest Candies

candy Pokémon wtf rare funny - 8278586112
Created by Unknown

A Pinball Gets Stuck in The Perfect Spot

rare gifs win pinball - 8138460160
Created by Unknown

The End of Rare as We Know It

Sad feels rare nostalgia - 7752207616
Via zavage300

It Doesn't Seem Like We Will Ever Get a True Banjo-Kazooie Sequel

E32013 rare banjo kazooie microsoft - 7558128128
Created by Unknown
E32013 rare killer instinct xbox one - 51155713


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I Question Your Definition of "Rare"

Pokémon rare - 7550845952
Created by Saphy08

Let Me Get You Some Ice Water for That Burn

rare gordon ramsay meat - 7381014272
See all captions Created by mlphillips42

How the Mighty Have Fallen

rare goldeneye 007 kinect - 7360829440
Created by Unknown
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