A list of tweets about Nick Cannon's newest child and his proclivity for breeding.

Funniest Tweets About Nick Cannon's Wild Fatherhood Habits as He Welcomes His 9th Baby to the World

Nick Cannon is still “Wild 'N Out”
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Funny video showing Star Wars clips with Cardi B making noises over them

Cardi B's Signature Weird Noises Fit In Perfectly With Star Wars Clips

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Funny and wholesome Tumblr thread about Snoop Dogg | zachsanomaiy Follow Whenever think about snoop remember episode cribs where he lived an unusually modest house compared everyone else on show, spent entire time with his young daughter hugging onto his leg and dragging her around as he walked. He even talked about he didn't want his kids be musicians and he just wants them have chance at normal life he doesn't wish music career drama on anyone

Tumblr Thread Reminds Us Of Just How Wholesome Snoop Dogg Is

Drop it like it's hot.
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It's Not a F*cking Game

Funny meme that reads, "Ernie informs Bert who's gonna give it to him" above a photo of Ernie holding up a picture of the letter X
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memes that generalize various pop music artists | cover image of two memes, Kanye West looking a little dumbstruck with caption about how his music is for men who think they are woke after watching a youtube conspiracy video and the second meme of Billie Eilish wearing weird green make up and how her music is for girls who think their drug addiction makes them a beautiful disaster.

Pop Music Artists Get Roasted In These Hater Memes

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Funny dank memes about Kid Cudi's humming | cudi starts humming Bobby Hill astral projecting | kid cudi humming Kermit the Frog tucking a teddy bear to sleep

Kid Cudi's Humming Is Majorly Therapeutic For Depressed Millennials

People REALLY love his humming.
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It's A Mystery

Funny meme that reads, "Me at 10 years of age trying to figure out why the fridge goes dark after I close it" above photos of 50 Cent opening a cabinet and closing it
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Pretty Much

Funny meme that reads, "My playlists when I leave them on shuffle" above a photoshopped image of Tupac shaking hands with a classical composer
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Cousin's Bucatini

Funny meme that reads, "Dad's ravioli? Nah. Grandma's gnocchi? Nope. Come on Marshall, think..." above a still of Eminem writing something at a desk wearing glasses
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Get Ready, People

Funny meme about the potential for the Plague to come back, given its history of occurring in the '20s in past centuries; features Eminem | 1320s bubonic plague is carried by rats and flea. 1420s black death breakouts in 1429. 1520s aztec empire destroyed by smallpox. 1620 almost all mayflower passengers die of disease and infect much of the colony. 1720s great plague of marseille. 1820s choelera epidemic. 1920s los angeles phuenomic plague. something's wrong i can feel it.
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funny memes about future texting his ex, texting exes meme, toxic exes | Dee_Ar_Jay know last person want talk but still wanted be first wish merry Christmas. warestheengine year is almost complete but still feel incomplete without.

Future Is All Of Our Texty Toxic Exes In This Hilarious Twitter Meme

Been thinking about you.
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Funny dank Eminem meme entitled "Something's Wrong, I Can Feel It"

Dank Eminem Memes For When Something's Off (17 Memes)

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Probably Makes You Feel Real Important

Funny meme about a grocery store cashier knowing the code for bread while another cashier looks on
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Funny Twitter meme calling out Rick Ross for lying
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T-Pain, game of thrones, game of thrones reactions, arya stark, gendry.

T-Pain's Hilarious & Raunchy GoT Reaction Tweets Have The Internet In Stitches

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Money's A Little Tight Right Now Sorry

Caption that reads, "Cashier: Your total is $123.67. Would you like to donate $1 to charity? Me: ..." above a pic of Lil Wayne nervously grasping a wad of cash in his hand
Via cpelton
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