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'They are just making up excuses to be lazy': Restaurant delays paychecks for extreme weather, employee has biting response

Not a valid excuse
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A Flood of 24 Bad Weather Memes to Scroll From the Couch on a Rainy Day

Cancel the day!
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40+ Whimsical Nature Memes For Exploring Forests And Frolicking In Meadows

Whether you love it or hate it, it's safe to say that being in nature brings a lot of comfort to a lot of people. My family was never the type to go on vacations for the natural landscapes , but even I know that being in nature can open you up to so much joy. I remember in May of 2021, me and all my best friends went on our first big outing to go hiking in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Even though I'm not the most athletic, and it wasn't the longest hike, it was so amazing to just be around trees, rock…
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'They unleashed their inner Florida man': A Wholesome Collection of Californians Who Actually Had a Blast During Hurricane Hilary

Cali kids don't know how to act during a Hurriquake
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35 Oregon Memes For Pacific Northwesterners Who Are Used To The Rain But Can't Pump Gas

Oregon has quite a reputation amongst the citizens of the other 49 states. For some of us, it reminds us of the mid-1800s, when pioneers trod across the western United States in search of a better life in Oregon on the titular trail. Whether they found a better life there than in Missouri or whatever remains to be seen. For others, we might think of Oregon as the home of the infamous city of Portland. I've spent more time watching Portlandia than I would care to admit on a public platform, but…
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Free Spirits Get Roasted for Dancing in the Rain in New York

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Article about Drew Barrymore's TikTok Featuring Her Dancing in the rain.

Drew Barrymore Shares Wholesome Video Of Her Frolicking In The Rain

It's rare to see child actors who have had unimaginable struggles come out on the other side happy and thriving. That's why this era of Drew Barrymore's career has been so splendid. The 47-year-old actress is having a blast on her daytime talk show and has been getting attention online recently for her incredibly earnest TikTok account.
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Funny and relatable meme about forgetting whether you used shampoo in the shower, Keanu Reeves, The Matrix, neo, rain
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Funny tweet about different ways to say that it's raining hard, ending with a reference to the song 'It's Raining Men' | cats and dogs old ladies and sticks like a pissing cow
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Self Burn

Funny meme that reads, "*GF puts her hand on my stomach;* Me: ..." above a still from a weather report where the meteorologist says, "Further south you should be prepared for three, maybe four inches"
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Funny rain rain go away memes, nursery rhymes, george costanza, dank memes.

'Rain, Rain, Go Away' Has Officially And Inexplicably Become A Dank Meme

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Funny meme, funny tweet about worms on the pavement after it rains.
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The Stone Tells All

'Weather forecasting stone' that 'predicts' weather that's already happening
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Makin' It Rain up in Here

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Don't Rain on My Parade!

web comics rain idiom Don't Rain on My Parade!
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It's Just an Adorable Coincidence

web comics cats rain It's Just an Adorable Coincidence
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