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20 Ancient Memes From a Simpler Time With Questionable Humor

Old school
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Classic Memes To Spark Nostalgia For 2012

Where were you in the year of our lord 2012? I distinctly remember that I was in an English exam the minute that the world was supposed to end. Luckily, it did not, and I didn't read John Steinbeck for nothing. For me, 2012 was the year my world went online. It was the first year I had unrestricted internet access, and I was getting exposed to more information than I could properly take in. I would spend hours scrolling through meme websites, looking at different variations of the same image ma…
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A Nostalgic Compilation of Memes From 10-20 Years Ago

Nostalgic Vintage Memes That Bring Back The 2000s

Do you remember your first experience with memes ? I fondly remember surfing through image macro websites as a kid, finding the best Bad Luck Brian and Unhelpful High School Teacher memes the internet had to offer. These days, memes move quickly. It's common for a meme to have one day of glory before it falls back into obscurity, unlikely to be circulated again. However, the memes of yore lasted. It was common for singular meme formats to spread for years without dipping in relevancy. It's inte…
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52 Vintage Memes & Rage Comics From The Old Meme Archive

A wild ride through internet history
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Video from know your meme about the history of the me gusta rage comic

The True Story Behind the "Me Gusta" Rage Comics

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25 Super Mario Memes For Nostalgic Gamers

Let's a-go!
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We All Know at Least One of These Guys

Via Anonymous

I hate these kinds of Rage Comics!

meta table flipping Rage Comics faces - 8585953280
Created by kaitri

The Only Bad Thing...

rage extra panel meta Rage Comics - 8572834048

Rage Comics!

meta Rage Comics - 8574115840
Created by SpiritFang

Le Ragey Bunch

Rage Comics - 8570664448

Gosh Darn It!

herp derp meta true story table flipping Rage Comics - 8549483264
Created by danisivo

In Yer Face

lol in your face Rage Comics - 4711611136
Created by battousai

Every Rage Comic Ever

meta derp computer guy Rage Comics - 8542244864
Created by death_by_rage

An Epic Idea

idea computer guy Rage Comics - 8542080256
Created by kippyvp

Didn't Need That Upvote Anyways...

upvote downvote meta computer computer guy Rage Comics - 8541980160
Created by InfamousRage
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