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Dude's Angry Tweet About Rage Against The Machine Is Getting Gloriously Ripped To Shreds

It's 2018 - do you know where your politically charged 90s rap metal is? We can tell you that the politically-inclined group Rage Against the Machine has most recently been spotted in a surprisingly viral tweet from last week. Canadian Twitter user (and self-proclaimed political Youtuber) @ScotchOikos had a lot to say about the band after revisiting their music. 

 "Listening to Rage Against The Machine for the first time in a while. What dreadful lyrics: anti-cop, racist against whites, total rejection of civility, communist, all around an aggressive embodiment of victimhood culture."

The tweet quickly garnered attention from many users, musing that @ScotchOikos had clearly missed the band's point. Exactly what does he expect a group called Rage Against The Machine to sound like? The tweets began flooding in, with jokers penning ironically polite riffs on the band's name and catalogue, creating a seriously epic and witty thread. We've included some choice excerpts, but you can take in the thread in its entire gruesome glory here.

Funny tweet about rage against the machine, @scotchoikos
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