26 Cringeworthy Examples Of Gratuitous Gatekeeping

The internet is brimming with examples of bullshitters who state opinion as fact, make unwarranted declarations about their authority on a subject, and make up ridiculous rules about who has the right to enjoy or experience specific things. These people are called gatekeepers. The annoying gatekeeper is also known for putting others down for not suffering enough to warrant feeling unhappy with a shitty situation. Like if you're venting to someone about being exhausted after a 40-hour work week and they just mock you for not having worked 70 hours like them. r/gatekeeping is a good document of people who won't get off their high horse, even after someone points out that their horse is just a withered cardboard box. 

We've got a bunch of cringey and eye-roll inducing examples of groundless gatekeeping thanks to all the avid screenshotters out there. 

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