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Cringey People Who Were 'Just Kidding' and 'Totally Didn't Mean To'

Oopsies! Didn't mean to send that.
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Obnoxious Liars Who Got Conclusively Told to Cut the Crap

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People getting called out for their lies

Satisfying Times Blatant Liars Were Called Out For Their BS

If you go literally anywhere on the world wide web of dreams, you're almost guaranteed to stumle upon copious amounts of total bullshit , fake news, and bald-faced liars. It seems that many extremely online people simply can't help themselves and lie about the weirdest, most unnecessary stuff. Why do they do it? Does it give them satisfaction to get away with lying to faceless strangers on the internet? Or are they just trying to get the world record for Reddit upvotes by karma farming? Whateve…
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Reddit thread about a crazy boss who rants and raves about employees who have quit to his own employees

Bombastic Boss Has Huge Outburst After Employees Quit His Company

You can tell a lot about a workplace by how upper management speaks about people who have left the company. It's not too difficult to pick up on a boss struggling to maintain employees because of their poor management style. While it's normal to have a few wacko former employees, it's a red flag when every former employee is discussed with derision and disgust. I've only quit jobs a couple of times, but the reaction from management was very different. When I put my two weeks in while working at…
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r/gatekeeping, gatekeeping, gatekeepers, cringe, cringeworthy, shameful, yikes, reddit, facebook, twitter, funny tweets, rude, funny, stupid people, religion, race, depression, autism, wtf, facepalm | If white, and eat sushi with chopsticks, congratulations colonizer | Homosexual people have right be family. They are children God Pope Francis said one his sit-down interviews film. He is not true catholic. he is literally pope

Cringey Instances Of Gratuitous Gatekeeping

Dumb people who claim authority over everything
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Egregious Liars Who Were Called Out For Their Crap

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Ex-service industry tell all on TikTok about toxic work places

"Customers Suck, but it's Exponentially Worse When It's Your Boss:" TikTok Reveals Toxic Workplaces Within the Service Industry and Sparks Controversy

Imagine if Karen was your boss.
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called out, burned, employee that got fired leaves a bad review

17 Times Losers Were Taken Down For Their BS

Got 'em
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Funny posts on social media written by people who were clearly lying | SpongeBob O @SpongeBob GIF Uh realize never seen SpongeBob's backyard 68 27 165 1.543 Tweeti çevir SpongeBob Facts spongbo 8dk v SPONGEBOB FACT classic episode Naughty Nautical Neighbors, SpongeBob's backyard can clearly be seen might want delete this official SpongeBob account Uh GIF 22:55 28 Eyl 19 saatinde Spredfast app 27 15 133

Bold Times People Attempted To Get Away With Blatant BS

Shoulda put a little more thought into these lies!
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liars, cringe, fail, quit your bullshit, fail, bullshit, reddit, stupid people, twitter, lies, fake news, funny, memes, funny reviews | Here's paw under an X-Ray didnt know needed see this. These are x-ray's cat paws not | soldiers never owned slaves and had almost nothing do with north did not need start war slaughtered hundreds thousands teenagers US is only place ended slavery with war. Saint-Domingue, now Haiti, also ended slavery war Haitian Revolution 1791-1804.

Total Liars Who Were Called Out For Their BS

These deceivers got what they deserved
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Satisfying Times Liars Were Called Out For Their Shameless BS

The internet is full of liars
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Blatant liars who got called out on social media for their bullshit, funny, owned, fail | temperature those stores is atrocious. There is no air circulation whatsoever. No way hell can anybody be there with mask on 05 3h Like Reply Funny am an old lady with asthma and can wear one stores with no problem. Yeah gets little hot sometimes. But would rather be little uncomfortable than end up with tube shoved down my throat, or make another sick. Funny short old women can wear mask and leave her home

20 Satisfying Times Liars Got Called Out For Their BS

Got 'em.
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Funny 'Quit Your Bullshit' posts where people get called out for lying on the internet | 1 review week ago Docked our boat have lunch staff treated us with worst respect have ever encountered all my life am local over 25 years and will tell everyone know this experience horry/georgetowncounty. Response owner week ago Mr. Taylor if are local than know there is mask ordinance effect restaurants tried be cordial but girlfriend/wife kept pushing through door anyway are not going risk our patrons or

15 Times Internet Liars Were Exposed For Their BS

Will Karens ever stop?
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Funny screenshots from the subreddit /r/QuitYourBullshit | yearbook photo of a girl and photo of same girl as an adult: careful who call ugly middle school zz No one called u ugly went same school just post ur pic and go. tweet by LilNasX nobody bullied big boy. AJC not angry Lil Nas X addresses those who bullied him coming out

Dimwitted People That Lied And Got Called Out For It

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Woman schools instagram pyramid schemer in direct messages, itworks! scam | No thank No offense or business just don't support pyramid schemes. This isn't pyramid scheme omg assume work ItWorks! based off profile, which is multilevel marketing. Not trying

Shameless Pyramid Schemer Gets Schooled In Her DMs

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fake yikes, made up stories, liars, cringe, the internets, reddit, facebook, cringeworthy, stories, stupid people, funny, quit your bullshit | BEATLES 12h My 3 year old son wearing Beatles shirt at playgroup another mom came up and asked condescendingly do even know who Beatles are He replied uh, yeah, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Star and Paul McCartney Zing! | STORY TIME so today Starbucks and gave my name as Hermione Granger and then they called my drink handsome boy staring at and

Outrageous Social Media Anecdotes That Are Hard To Believe

True stories that totally 100% happened
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