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15+ Fed Up People Who Quit Their Jobs Without a Backup Plan

Sometimes a job can become so unbearable that you just snap
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Fed Up Redditors Reveal What Made Them Quit Jobs On The Spot

Ah, employment. There's nothing like a dead-end job or a lousy boss to make you hate everything about your existence, and sadly, these conditions are a lot more common than they should be. We've all had to put up with things that shouldn't happen at work, but it is only a brave or at least extremely peed off few who are bold enough to quit on the spot. At least, that's what you might expect. However, an AskReddit by u/Sketch99 which questioned what made people immediately leave their jobs sugge…
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Well, That Works

Funny Facebook post where someone says that he'll quit his job if he gets one like on his status; he likes his own status and says that he will quit his job
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Risky Business

quit board games pie graph - 7682142208
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Except When I'm Stressed

army fog quit smoke smoking soldiers - 6530068992
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employee Like a Boss Pure Awesome quit sign - 6390618368
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Pure Awesome quit sign taco bell - 5052626688
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Baby, Baby, Baby? Oh...

justin bieber Music paternity quit Rage Comics so close - 6342262528
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ads commercials quit tnt Video - 36711937

Just Add Drama

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idiots quit school - 5883103488
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Sounds Like You Need *Sunglasses* a Smoking Jacket, YEAHHHH!!!

cold jacket Pie Chart quit smoking - 5811977472
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marching band quit Video youtube - 27625217

Quitting With Style

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Philosoraptor: RAISINS Quitting

games philosoraptor quit rage video games - 5286192896
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hilarious job quit sign taco bell - 4984960000
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bus tour political pictures quit Sarah Palin - 4896126976
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Hockey's Gay, Eh?

brokeback mountain hockey Memes quit - 4750706688
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