A compilation or list of memes about 80s music and 1980s musicians such as Queen, Michael Jackson, and Metallica

80s Music Memes For Those Still Jamming Out To The Oldies Station

When I was in high school, I was literally addicted to the 80s radio station. Even though I was birthed into this world in the 90s, these songs defined my teenage years. One of the most intriguing moments of this 98.7 KLUV era was when my sister and I discovered that our drive to school took up the entire runtime of the hit long song, American Pie. One day, the song began playing on the radio right when we started driving to school. By the time we pulled into my parking space, the tune memorial…
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Funniest Drake Memes From His Latest Song With 21 Savage Where He Accidentally Becomes a Baddie

Funniest Drake Memes From His Latest Song With 21 Savage Where He Accidentally Becomes a Baddie

Drake the type of guy...
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Funniest Memes About the Queen of England Meeting Princess Diana in Heaven

Funniest Memes About the Queen of England Meeting Princess Diana in Heaven

God save the Queen
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Tweets about the royal family arriving at Balmoral following the queens death

'Arrived At Balmoral' Tweets For Those Closely Following The Queen Elizabeth News

If you're online right now, you know that Queen Elizabeth II has died at age 96. There were several things that signaled her death would be announced before the news officially came in. The BBC website changed to black, BBC on-air presenters changed into black attire, and BBC One cancelled regular programming until 6pm. Many believed these were the signs that she has already died, and they were correct. One of the telltale signs that the Queen's condition was quickly deteriorating is that the R…
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queen elizabeth II, queen elizabeth, royal, queen, united kingdom, great britain, monarchy, sick, illness, funny twitter, twitter, death

Twitter Reacts to Today's News About Queen Elizabeth II

RIP UK sanity
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my way, my way or the highway, spoiled, spoiled brat, brat, bratz, little girl, daddys girl, daddy, baby, rich kid, rich girls

My Way or the Highway: Viral TikTok Trend Proves that Attitude, Sass, and Life as a Spoiled Brat is Something You’re Born With

Maybe she's born with it?
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kid, child, guard, tourism, tourist, london, britain, queen, tower of london, trampling, controversy, debate, tiktok, beefeater

Kid Gets Trampled By Queen’s Guard, Sparks Debate Over Who Is To Blame

It's been controversial
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burger king, fast food, song, viral, tiktok, emo, pop punk, fries, vegan, lol, mustard

Burger King Overrun With Burger Queens After Musical Trend Takes Off

Pop punk’s not dead
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Funny meme about Queens in chess, queen elizabeth and queen the band being better than any other queen Family Guy Meg
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Is This The Real Life...?

Funny tweet that reads, "You never see Brian May and Isaac Newton in the same room, do you?" above a photo of Brian May next to a painting of Isaac Newton
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I'm Having Such A Good Time, I'm Having A Ball

Funny dank meme from the TV show iCarly representing the Queen song 'Don't Stop Me Now'
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Funny dank memes that compare real life vs chess | Towers real life cceleradan yar Towers chess yes meme man running fast | KINGS REAL LIFE KINGS CHESS KINGS FRANCE beheaded guillotine rounded spongebob

Memers Differentiate Between Chess And Real Life In These Dank Memes

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Funny coronavirus parody of bohemian rhapsody, covid-19, dana jay bein, tweets, twitter, funny tweets | Dana Jay Bein DJB danajaybein lost my mind wrote Coronavirus Rhapsody: Is this sore throat? Is this just allergies? Caught lockdown No escape reality. 12:02 PM 3/18/20 TweetDeck | mama, just killed man didn't stay inside bed walked by him, now he's dead mama, life so much fun but now l've caught this unforgiving plague

Coronavirus Parody Of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Serves Up Some Much Needed Humor

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Nothing To See Here

queen freddie mercury Awkward funny memes bohemian rhapsody Memes funny - 9383576832
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dumb and silly memes

23 Silly Sh*tposts For Your Bored Perusal

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Sing It!

Two pics of a Wii next to Will Smith above a pic of The Rock next to the letter "U"
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