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'Resident Evil Village' Goes Wholesome With Japanese Puppet Show

Lady Dimitrescu looks a tad different.
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Look Away

Caption that reads, "When you make eye contact with a stranger on public transport" above panel pics of puppet characters awkwardly looking at each other and then looking away
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wtf cover puppets Video - 82801921

Why Are Puppets Doing a Metal Cover of 'Sail'? We May Never Know

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talent puppets Video - 80467713

America's Got Talent Is Getting Really Weird as People Start to Run out of Things to Do on Reality TV Talent Shows

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Shaq puppets Video - 80357377

Watch Shaq Rapping With a Puppet Because This Gem of the Internet Has Been Forgotten for Too Long

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A Reminder About Who Controls Everything

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creature from 'Primeval' Totally Looks Like gremlin

gremlins movies puppets - 1974550784
By notgotakittehyet

Sesame Street Has Gotten Really Wild

yikes Aliens muppets gifs Sesame Street puppets - 8430960128
By anselmbe
jstustudios trolltube puppets Video - 66578945

The Puppets Are Here to Ruin Your Study Session

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Manhattan Marionette

mindwarp gifs puppets - 8322640640
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

I am The Brains of This Operation

dancing brains mindwarp gifs puppets - 8315531520
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creepy puppets wtf videos - 57502465

Weird Tube of the Day: Becky & Joe Release a Creepy Sequel to Their Viral Puppet Video "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

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The 80's Were Weird

puppets wtf - 7916535808
By Unknown

Puppet Scares Kitty

puppets Cats funny - 7857053184
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Balok's Puppet Totally Looks Like The Wizard of Oz

wizard of oz totally looks like puppets funny - 7835709184
By billyferguson

Guitar Puppets

guitars puppets - 7749385472
By Unknown
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