Don't Forget To Keep Those Pups Cool In The Summertime!

Caption that reads, "I told my dog last night that I would let her go swimming today and she literally has not forgotten lmaooo. I need to fill up her pool now" above a photo of a cute husky sitting in a kiddie pool
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Caption that reads, "Just found out that if a husky and a pug mix, it's called a Hug. You're welcome" above a pic of a "hug" puppy
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Easier Than Expected

Stock photo of a guy shaking a dog's paw with caption about him getting hired because he said the dog was a good boy
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Yeet 'Em Outta There

Caption that reads, "Me if my kids come out allergic to dogs" above an illustration of a woman throwing a baby away
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Naughty Pupper

Pic of a little dog wearing a hot dog costume with Snapchat caption that reads, "He's so small he can sneak through the fence, so he must wear the escape-proof wiener bun of shame at potty time"
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'Aww, What A Little Dummy'

Tweet that reads, "I watched my dog chase his tail for 10 minutes and thought, 'Wow, dogs are so easily entertained.' Then I realized I just watched my dog chase his tail for 10 minutes"
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Hope he got some chicken for his troubles

Pic of a German shepherd wearing a sign that reads, "I have no shame, I jumped out of the car window and got into the next car because the person was eating KFC chicken"
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Caption that reads, "A friend put a toilet paper roll over their camera lens to make their dog look like the moon and I am in love" above a pic of the same
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Pretty Accurate

Tweet that describes a dog needing to be with their human at all times, even when they do very mundane things
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