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30 Punny Memes That Deserve a Groan

Puns are an acquired taste ; you either love them, hate them or have that gene that makes them taste like soap. I've found that my ideal way to consume puns is by reading them to myself. It gives me time to process the joke and decide whether I think it's actually funny or if it's a total groaner. You need privacy to make that decision. If someone in real life tries to make puns and expects me to laugh at them, they've got another thing coming. That is the behavior of a corny individual, and I…
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A Bunch of Neat 'Middle Class Fancy' Memes for Mild-Mannered Normies

It's the little things
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23 Painfully Punny Memes For Dad Joke Enthusiasts

Some real knee-slappers
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21 Corny Memes Full Of Punny Dad Jokes

Delightfully groan-inducing
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Funny random memes and tweets, stupid memes, funny tweets, random tweets | stock photo woman paying cashier: Would like donate $1 help poor lol there is 90% chance this card is gonna get declined am poor. l'm terrified Backstreet Boys Therapist: tell why SCREAMING ron swanson parks and rec

Moderately Funny Memes For When You Need A Freakin' Break

You deserve these memes.
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This Is So Sad

Funny meme about Elon Musk, pun, alone musk.
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Hell Yeah

Funny meme, pun meme, killer whales, killer whale, orca, tanks.
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Live Laugh Love <3

Caption that reads, "Omg literally goals" above four pics of goals
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Two pics of Matt Damon, one labeled "Matt Damon" and the other labeled "Matt Nightman"
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17 Punny Illustrations That'll Get Your Eyes Rolling

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Chad Kroeger Is Happy

Panel meme of a woman shopping for something that costs 45 cents; the next image shows an unhappy 50 Cent, and the subsequent one shows Chad Kroeger giving a thumbs up
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