What Happens?! Don't Leave Me Hanging!

gonna have a bad time meta punchline - 6975186944
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Brown and Sticky

stick brown gifs dogs punchline - 6986161920
By Mike

No Punchline

variations on a theme punch literalism line double meaning punchline - 6937929984
Via Adventures of Nan

Courtship Circa 2012

build up text phone literalism texting double meaning punchline - 6818634496
Via Reddit

Read Until the End. It's Worth It.

double meaning line literalism long form punch punchline variations on a theme worth it - 6605435904
By Unknown


build up double meaning literalism punchline slogan thyme time worth it - 6585317120
Via xkcd

Better Drink My Own Dos Equis

bad time Memes punchline ski instructor The Most Interes the most interesting man in the world - 6441367808
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best ever buildup double meaning idiom literalism long form mark twain punchline twain - 6265317376
By Unknown

Whatcha Gonna Do About It

a bad time Memes punchline ski instructor - 6165646592
By Unknown

Her Visits Do Tend to Leave Something to Be Desired...

double meaning groan-inducing Hall of Fame homophone literalism punchline - 5675912192
Via Three Word Phrase

The Best Line

double meaning line literalism punch punchline - 5643984640
By YoshiFailing

Socially Awkward Penguin: And Then I Found 20 Dollars?

jokes punchline socially awkward penguin - 5575171840
By Unknown

I'd Like to Roll Some Stones at That Rat...

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone lolwut long lyric need punchline terrible - 5369861888
By Cally (Via Go Comics)

So There.

predictable punchline sigh the most interesting man in the world - 5368984576
By Unknown

Viruses Are a Big Deal, So...

advice click dont double meaning Hall of Fame link links literalism punchline zelda - 5251839232
By Unknown


bone bones Hall of Fame humerus lolwut punchline shakespeare similar sounding talking tibia william shakespeare - 5156659200
By Unknown
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