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25+ Silly Puns and Examples of Wordplay From Wordsmiths of the Internet

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30 Punny Memes That Deserve a Groan

Puns are an acquired taste ; you either love them, hate them or have that gene that makes them taste like soap. I've found that my ideal way to consume puns is by reading them to myself. It gives me time to process the joke and decide whether I think it's actually funny or if it's a total groaner. You need privacy to make that decision. If someone in real life tries to make puns and expects me to laugh at them, they've got another thing coming. That is the behavior of a corny individual, and I…
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Humorous Memes With Just Enough Puns

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Eye-rollingly Pun Filled Memes And Jokes

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15 Pun-tastic Memes And Jokes That'll Make You Lose It

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Nerd Out: 23 Mostly-Painful Science Puns

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10 More Fantastic Pun Jokes Because We Can't Get Enough

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meme about men naming things after themselves

I Have a Better Idea... Bill and Phil Name Their Invention in This Meme Revival

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How Long Have You Waiting to Use This Pun?

news pun winnie the pooh - 8795101440
Via bookwormfromspain

The Picture of Dorian Grape

pun image - 8804377856
Created by GregorSamosa

These Colorado Puns Are Asinine!

pun trolling signs image - 8801712640
Via Ryzzer

This Pun Is Just Paneful

pun signs windows - 8795120384
Via lizwah

Does He Bake Hot Crossed Puns?

pun Memes Raptor - 8797432576
Via Xaiydee

Sari for the Pun. I'll See Myself Out

pun name image - 8796991232
Via Stuffmyfacewithmomos
pun trolling really Video - 221191

What Do You Call a Girl Without a Clue That She's Not Understanding a Trick Question? This Girl

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Just Another Day with My Giraffe Sheep and I

drunk dating pun - 8765320192
Created by RobertHyatt ( Via Robert James Hyatt )
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