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Eye-rollingly Pun Filled Memes And Jokes

Very punny.
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15 Pun-tastic Memes And Jokes That'll Make You Lose It

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funny and bad science puns, chemistry, biology, astronomy, math, the periodic table.

Nerd Out: 23 Mostly-Painful Science Puns

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bad jokes and puns

10 More Fantastic Pun Jokes Because We Can't Get Enough

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meme about men naming things after themselves

I Have a Better Idea... Bill and Phil Name Their Invention in This Meme Revival

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How Long Have You Waiting to Use This Pun?

news pun winnie the pooh - 8795101440
Via bookwormfromspain

The Picture of Dorian Grape

pun image - 8804377856
Created by GregorSamosa

These Colorado Puns Are Asinine!

pun trolling signs image - 8801712640
Via Ryzzer

This Pun Is Just Paneful

pun signs windows - 8795120384
Via lizwah

Does He Bake Hot Crossed Puns?

pun Memes Raptor - 8797432576
Via Xaiydee

Sari for the Pun. I'll See Myself Out

pun name image - 8796991232
Via Stuffmyfacewithmomos
pun trolling really Video - 221191

What Do You Call a Girl Without a Clue That She's Not Understanding a Trick Question? This Girl

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Just Another Day with My Giraffe Sheep and I

drunk dating pun - 8765320192
Created by RobertHyatt ( Via Robert James Hyatt )


bear camping pun vacation - 6603713280
Created by fareon


hilarious panda pun suddenly - 6466337024
Created by PorquePig


eww hair hilarious pun Terrifying - 5738553600
Created by Unknown
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