Tumblr thread about pugs.

Eye-Opening Tumblr Thread Will Permanently Change The Way You See Pugs

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31 Delicious Memes For Your Rapid Consumption

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Funny and random memes and tweets.

25 Entertaining Memes And Tweets That'll Make You Less Miserable

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Music pugs Video - 80114433

A Musical History of Pugs

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Pug Normal Breathing Test

Via sheldoncomics

Ok Dad.

puns dad jokes Ok Dad.
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dancing cut funny pugs videos - 136199

Drake's Out of a Job Ever Since This Pug Stole His Moves

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bunnies dogs wtf list gifs halloween pugs fridges Cats - 649989

If You Feel Awkward in Costume At Least Know You Aren't Alone With This List of Animals in Costumes

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Never Seen Anything That Excited For Broccoli

dogs gifs broccoli pugs - 8572211456
Created by Unknown

The Emotional Spectrum of a Pug

dogs gifs tongue pugs - 8568089344
Created by Unknown

Hey, I'm Sleeping Here

dogs gifs pugs poke - 8567786240
Created by Unknown

Get It, Dog

wtf gifs pugs - 8565511680
Via GIFs Show

So That's Who's Driving The Boat

dogs gifs critters pugs boats - 8563856128
Created by Unknown

I Maybe Little But I'll Push Your Face

dogs gifs cute pugs push - 8554687232
Created by Unknown

Cuddle Buds

Babies gifs critters pugs - 8556097024
Created by anselmbe

Coming Through

dogs gifs swimming pugs pools - 8550685952
Created by Unknown
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