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Malfunctioning Digital Bathroom Faucet Prompts Nightmares

Guess those hands are staying dirty
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Well, They Weren't Wrong

Sign that reads, "Please check if you flushed, thank you!" People wrote check marks all over it
Via Boziffer

It's True

Caption that reads, "The most silent creature on Earth, is the guy who was already sitting on the toilet when you enter a public restroom"

Public Restrooms

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Created by death_by_rage

Not Even a "Teehee?"

public bathroom farts bathroom - 7565802496

Not Even a "Teehee?"

bathroom farts public bathroom - 8355715072

He Really Had to Go?

public bathroom urinal bathroom - 7624913408
Created by BloodyThumbsDown

Da Faq?

public bathroom urinal poker face sweet jesus funny - 6157782016
Created by Damnit98

Well ANSWER Then, Fool!

public bathroom Challenge Accepted Awkward Moment bathroom funny - 7485640192

This Isn't Where I Parked My Car!

public bathroom bathroom funny - 7446338304

Forum Threads IRL

public bathroom men bathroom women - 7377727488

Get It Togehter

public bathroom urinal spelling typos - 7348655616

Office Restrooms Can Get Awkward

public bathroom awkward moments coworkers restroom bathroom - 7340295424

"He's Been in There for Four Hours!"

public bathroom bathroom toilet restrooms - 7302273280
Created by SapphireBeam

Ladies' Room Rage!

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Created by HewwoKitteh112

Somebody's Watching Me

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Created by Unknown
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