PTSD Clarinet Kid

If I Could, I'd Give Their Funerals Five Burgers

burgers front page memebase meta PTSD Clarinet Ki PTSD Clarinet Kid - 6219696384
See all captions By mandrake99

Revenge is a Dish Best Served with a Plastic Toy

happiness happy meal kid PTSD Clarinet Ki PTSD Clarinet Kid - 6343324672
By Unknown

They Will Regret This Decision

fence gate goat PTSD Clarinet Ki PTSD Clarinet Kid - 6352164096
By SlightlySardonic

All My Family Dismembers

family PTSD Clarinet Ki PTSD Clarinet Kid - 6320934656
By Unknown

Hair-Dye as Red as Their Blood

crisis family mustache PTSD Clarinet Ki PTSD Clarinet Kid stupid - 6236471296
By Karl

Now He Doesn't Say Anything at All

hopeless PTSD Clarinet Kid recovery slow - 6196416512
See all captions By LucidCuber

Vengeance Dad: True Beauty Comes From Within

bald family head laughter PTSD Clarinet Kid - 6175352576
By Cloud.Strife (Via Awks Fam Pho)

Vengeance Dad: Time to Snipe IRL

bodies PTSD Clarinet Kid search Time Waster video games - 6175324416
By Cloud.Strife (Via Awkward Family Photos)

Do You Really Want S'more?

confetti funeral marshmallows PTSD Clarinet Kid show yay - 5833293312
See all captions By cbrucker

Me Loved You!

best of week furby murder PTSD Clarinet Kid toys - 5801563136
By drivec

Pinch This, Grandma!

air Death grandma pinch PTSD Clarinet Kid - 5784318208
By andtay

Mods Don't Recognize My Funnies

Death front page meta mods PTSD Clarinet Kid - 5735230208
See all captions By TheGent

PTSD Clarinet Kid: I Recordered Their Screams

concert lives PTSD Clarinet Kid record - 5715089408
See all captions By shnibbledude

PTSD Clarinet Kid: The Last Thing They'll Pass Is Through My System

bills blackout day pass PTSD Clarinet Kid sign SOPA - 5708822784
See all captions By Unknown

Shoot Them to the Moon

girls guns moon PTSD Clarinet Kid stars - 5575169536
By Unknown

Time Slipped By

haircut kids PTSD Clarinet Kid time - 5536317184
By Unknown
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