PTSD Chihuaha Memes Are About Terrifying Flashbacks

It's time for us to show some appreciation for the modern meme classic "PTSD Chihuahua". The memes, which superimpose a photo of a frightened-looking chihuahua over a Vietnam war scene, are paired with memes about situations that give us flashbacks to traumatic situations. In some of these memes, the traumatic situations might be something as mundane as a dog's memory of a vacuuming session. Or the flashback could take us back to the trauma cause by an entire year - like the absolute shitshow that is 2020. Either way, the memes are good. And here's a bunch of 'em.

PTSD chihuahua memes, 2020 memes dog flashback | hear vacuum three blocks away Odoggonews | 10 years cashier: sir bill is $20.20 Odognen @m3aruf Purell ADVANCED
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