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Spiritual Memes for the Divinely Inclined

Witches only
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Funny meme that reads, "How you feel when you guess what the current time is and get it spot on" above a photo of a cat dressed as a fortune teller
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Funny meme about psychic barber
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Stop Reading My Mind, Zuckerberg!!

Tweet that reads, "Facebook ads are cool 'cause I'm like 'Oh look that was the thing I thought about yesterday but never typed or said aloud to another soul on earth'"
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Funny gems from Overheard in San Francisco.

30 Ridiculous Gems From Overheard In San Francsico

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Trust No One

Funny meme about a psychic that didn't see a car accident coming.
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Can You Also Tell Me Who I'm Going to Marry?

psychic barber image - 8981492736
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psychic prank Video - 558852

This Guy Pranked Psychics With a Jump Scare

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psychic parody Video - 81330433

Have You Ever Seen Such a Legitimate Looking Psychic Before?

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psychic thoughts - 4619704064
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Tough Crowd

psychic puns afterlife web comics - 8299798528
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You Didn't Need to Be Psychic to See That Coming

psychic idiots video games mario bros funny - 6619008768
Created by cheeseman321

That Just Seems Obvious

beer psychic funny - 7782764032

I See a Python in Your Future

psychic punch funny - 7438777088

Handy Knowledge

psychic relationships fapping funny - 7356039168
Created by Licicic

She Sees Your Wallet

psychic wallet money - 7244257024
Created by Posing_A_Threat
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